Clean the Ship

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Clean the Ship
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Bag of Grain, 1 Savory Sauce
Item(s): 3 Cat's Ship Biscuit, 30 Malang SP Can
Quest Reward(s): Access to Clean the Ship (repeatable) and Help Chef Nyas quest
  1. Talk to Cleanyang mal_in027663, offer to clean the ship.
  2. Talk to the Grate in the Lounge mal_in0218349, South of the Chef.
  3. Talk to the Rolled up maps on Tomas' desk mal_in022865.
  4. Talk to the Bed mal_in0210222 in the corner of room second on the right down the hall leading to the meeting room. Male thief bugs will spawn, kill them.
  5. Talk to Cleanyang who will direct you to Chef Nyas
  6. Talk to Chef Nyas mal_in0218758 about the biscuits. He will get mad.
    • Keep talking to him until he asks you to get 1 Savory Sauce and 10 Bags of Grain.
    • You will have to go back to Cleanyang before turning the items in.
  7. Talk to Cleanyang who tells you to help Chef Nyas with whatever he needs.
  8. Bring 1 Savory Sauce and 10 Bags of Grain to Chef Nyas and the next day the biscuits will be done.
  9. Talk to Cleanyang who is disappointed that biscuits are back on the menu and knowing they will just be hidden again asks you to find the cat who has been hiding them and stop him.