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Help Chef Nyas

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Help Chef Nyas
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Bag of Grain, 1 Savory Sauce, random Cooked Food
Quest Prerequisite(s): Clean the Ship
Job Experience: 120,000 (VIP)
Item(s): 3 E Class Coin
  1. Talk to Chef Nyas mal_in0218758 and ask about food delivery.
  2. He will ask you to bring him 10 Bag of Grain, 1 Savory Sauce, and a random Cooked Food Item (so far I've seen Special Toast and Blood Flavored Soda). See Cooking for how to obtain these foods.
  3. Bring these items and you will receive 3 E-Class Coin, and a small amount of exp.