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Compass Game

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Compass Game
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Malang SP Can
Quest Prerequisite(s): Play with Baby Cats past step 5
Base Experience: 40,000 (VIP)
Job Experience: 40,000 (VIP)
Item(s): 3 E Class Coin

1. Talk to [Meow Team] Roku malangdo215211 trade your 1 Malang SP Can for 1 Adventure Card A.

  • Tell him you Challenge the race.

2. Talk to the Compass malangdo212204 and insert Adventure Card A to begin the race.

  • Note
    • There are five colors of compass. You will be told the order that you have to go to them in (memorize it!).
    • Run as fast as you can to each compass in turn, solve the basic math problem, and then go on to the next for 3mins time.
    • After the last one, talk to the Meowbell in the middle of the ship.
Compass Location
Yellow / Gold
White / Cloud
Green / Forest
Blue / Sky
Red / Flame

3. After the last one, talk to the Meowbell malangdo177162 in the middle of the ship.

  • Note: If you got a passing mark and on time, talk to [Meow Team] Roku, otherwise, you may try again.

4. Return to [Meow Team] Roku you will receive 3 E Class Coin.