Counteragent and Mixture Quest

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Counteragent and Mixture Quest
Base Level: N/A (None?)
Item(s) (Consumed): Not consumed
971.png 1 Detrimindexta,
972.png 1 Karvodailnirol,
970.png 1 Alcohol
Quest Reward(s): Ability to make: (Repeatable)
973.png Counteragent,
974.png Mixture

  1. With Detrimindexta, Karvodailnirol and Alcohol in the inventory, go to Alberta. Enter the Manor near the top of the map alberta93202, and head to the second floor.
  2. Speak to Louitz alberta_in13054, found in the last room upstairs by the bookshelf. Choose Talk about Solutions. He will mention "Morgenstein".
    Counteragent and Mixture Quest Louitz.jpg
  3. Head to Geffen, and talk with Aure Dupon geffen181114, located to the left of the east Kafra. Choose Ask About Molgenstein. He'll direct you to Geffen's former blacksmith guild.
    Counteragent and Mixture Quest AureDupon.jpg
  4. Enter the former Blacksmith Guild geffen17962 and head upstairs. Talk to Morgenstein geffen_in141140 in the second floor's room. Choose Ask about his research.
    Counteragent and Mixture Quest Morgenstein.jpg
  5. Now whenever you visit him, he will offer to make Counteragent or Mixture if you bring him ingredients and zeny.