Flaming Basin and Doom Prayers

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Flaming Basin and Doom Prayers
Base Level: 140
Item(s) (Consumed): 6691.png 15 Buning Feather

6692.png 20 Patrol Log
6693.png 40 Stone Of Blessing
6694.png 30 Monster Blood
6695.png 30 Tooth Of Flame Golem
6696.png 30 Neck Of Flame Frilldora

Hunting: 40 Fire Sandman

20 Fire Frilldora

Quest Prerequisite(s): Dimensional Travel
Base Experience: 3,000,000 (non-VIP)
Job Experience: ?? (non-VIP)
  1. Talk to Base Investigator moro_vol131103 to start this quest.
    Mv BaseInvestigator.png
  2. Deliver 15 Buning Feather to Base Investigator.
  3. Go to Northeast and talk to Scout (234,301).
    Mv Scout.png
  4. Talk Scout again. He will ask you to collect 20 Patrol Log.
    • Once you receive the quest from the Scout, there's a certain chance to obtain Patrol Log when killing a Fire Sandman.
    • If you walk near the Scout, you can trigger a Fire Sandman's ambush and lose 1~4 Patrol Log.
  5. Report to Scout.
  6. Return to Base Investigator. He will ask you to kill 20 Fire Sandman and 20 Fire Frilldora.
  7. Report to Base Investigator.
  8. Speak to Doom Prayer Leader (91,197) and choose the third option. He will ask you to collect 40 Stone Of Blessing from Fire Golem.
    Mv DoomPrayerLeader.png
  9. Bring the stones to Doom Prayer Leader, who asks you to throw them at him and his followers. When asked, select Stop throwing.
  10. Talk to Doom Prayer Leader again. You will have to gather 30 Monster Blood, which are dropped by Fire Sandmen and Fire Frilldoras.
  11. Deliver the blood to Doom Prayer Leader.
  12. Talk to Doom Prayers Second-in- (95,195) to receive the last request.
    Mv DoomPrayerSecondin.png
  13. You have to collect 30 Tooth Of Flame Golem and 30 Neck Of Flame Frilldora.
  14. Deliver the items to Doom Prayers Second-in-.
  15. Report to Doom Prayer Leader.