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Footprint Quest

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Footprint Quest
Base Level: N/A
Item(s) (Consumed): Monster Feed, 1 White Potion
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Holy Threads, Holier Threads,
Quest Prerequisite(s): Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest
Base Experience: Varies
Item(s): 10 Random Potions (There is a chance you may not receive them.)

1. Find Shuda in Ayothaya ayothaya233105, she's sad because her bridegroom is lost, you must help her find the ring that her bridegroom dropped in the sea.

2. Walk right a bit, and you'll see a man who can rent you a fishing tool for finding the ring in the sea for 50z (you need 1 Monster Feed per try when fishing).

3. Try it until you find the Engagement Ring, and then go back to Shuda. She'll ask you to find her bridegroom (Anon).

4. You can find clue about where Anon is from an old man ayothaya193171 He'll tell you that Anon has gone to the Ayothaya Dungeon.

Note: You need to have fully completed the Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest to continue (including retrieval of the Old Blue Box).

5. Now you must find 9 of Anon's footprints in Ayothaya Dungeon.

6. There are four footprint spots (when you pass it, a dialog box will appear) in Ayothaya Dungeon Level 1, and five footprints in Ayothaya Dungeon Level 2. It may take multiple tries until a dialog box appears.(If the first footprint does not trigger, try talking to the Old Man again until he mentions the tourism in Ayothaya.)

Level 1 Footprints:


Level 2 Footprints:


7. When you find the last footprint, you need to stand exactly on tile (ayo_dun02 91,262) and shatter the bush to find Annon, or else you won't find him. Tell him that you're not Shuda and bring a White Potion to treat his wounds. He'll reward you with some EXP.

  • Base experience amounts:
  • Level 1-55 = 900 Exp
  • Level 56-60 = 1,050 Exp
  • Level 61-65 = 1,868 Exp
  • Level 66-70 = 2,741 Exp
  • Level 71-75 = 7,076 Exp
  • Level 76-80 = 13,025 Exp
  • Level 81-85 = 15,034 Exp
  • Level 86-90 = 18,205 Exp
  • Level 91-99 = 40,679 Exp