Gas! Gas!

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Gas! Gas!
Base Level: ??
Quest Prerequisite(s): Fistful of Zeny
Base Experience: 101,600 Base EXP
Job Experience: 94,320 Job EXP
Item(s): 25250.png 3 Rock Ridge Coin

Cooldown Quest Name: Patrol Once a Day

Even the mighty Buffalo Bandits need the help of an adventurer! Their side of the mine is littered with Gasters, strange gas-like monsters hovering around inside the mine.

  1. Talk to the Buffalo Bandit named Frail Ghast rockrdg2297328 out in Rock Ridge Desert in front of the Rock Ridge mine.
    Gas! Gas!-Start Location.jpg
  2. Go into the mine and hunt 20 Gasters on the first floor.
  3. Return to Frail Ghast to receive your prize of 3 Rock Ridge Coin and Base EXP and Job EXP.