Fistful of Zeny

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Fistful of Zeny
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Consumed): 25283.png 5 Brown Muffler

25278.png 5 Bandit's Scarf

Base Experience: 2,500,000
Job Experience: 1,200,000
Item(s): 25250.png 200 Rock Ridge Coin

28495.png Sheriff's Left Badge [1]

- OR -

28496.png Sheriff's Right Badge [1]

Quest Reward(s): Pipe Cleaning
Collecting Ore Fragments
Gas! Gas!
Preparing for the Firework Festival
Peace of the Family

Note: This is the main quest of Rock Ridge.

  1. Speak with Karem Pucci alberta240104 in East of Alberta.
    • He will tell you that there's a group of bandits trying to take over the mine and requests your help.
  2. Once transported to Rock Ridge, speak with Costello to learn about the two native tribes of Rock Ridge and how the Buffalo Bandits have taken over the train.
  3. Speak with Wyatt Warp harboro1241218 inside the sheriff's office near the center of town.
  4. Sheriff Wyatt Warp will tells you that the bandits stole the Purple Ore and that Johnny James wants to speak someone from the headquarters to negotiate an exchange.
  5. Return to Costello at the docks harboro180218.
    • He values his life far greater than meeting the bandits himself so he convinces you to pose as a Headquarters member and meet the bandits with Wyatt.
  6. Return to and speak to Wyatt Warp who knew how much of a scaredy cat Costello is, and tells you the meeting point with the bandits is on the freight train.
  7. Leave the city at the east exit, and walk to the northern border where find the Unmoving Freight Train rockrdg1157306
    • Two buffalo appear and ask who you are. Tell them I'm the mayor now (other option: I'm from Headquarters).
    • As the two are processing this "news" a bunch of Cacti appears and arrest Johnny James.
    • Albert escapes and tells Johnny he'll get the rest of their gang to help.
  8. Speak with Wyatt Warp who is still there, and he tells you to return to his office.
  9. Once at the sheriff's office, speak to either Ivoka Skudi or Wyatt Warp and they will discuss what to do with Johnny James and their concern with his accomplice, Albert.
  10. Talk to Ivoka Skudi and they say that they want you to convince Albert that Johnny isn't worth anything as a hostage; that you don't need the ores.
    • And that you'd tell Johnny that Headquarters could shut down the mine, and that the job openings in the village are filled.
  11. Walk downstairs and tell Johnny James that Albert took over and that he'd sell the ores back to the town for a million zeny.
    • Johnny agrees with your plan and wants you to get rid of Albert.
  12. Speak with Ivoka Skudi and he'll meet you upstairs.
  13. Tell Wyatt Warp that Johnny told you the password to draw Albert out, and then Wyatt tells you to meet with Shawn in the plaza in the meantime.
  14. Find Shawn McCurdy in the plaza and he tells you of a second floor of the mine the bandits haven't found or could get to.
  15. Travel two maps east of town and find Shawn McCurdy rockrdg2347216 at the east edge of the map.
    • He gets scared by your appearance, and then he transports you into the mine.
  16. Once inside, speak to Shawn McCurdy and tells you to retrieve a Purple Ore.
    • The Purple Ore have 20 HP and drop a character-bound Purple Ore.
  17. Bring the Purple Ore back to Shawn McCurdy and he will transport you outside the mine.
  18. Walk to the Concaved Rock rockrdg2 279 312 on the west side of the entrance, near the little water tower.
    • 'Chose the second Knock, knock, knock. option.
  19. Albert Ford appears just to the east of you and talk to him
  20. Take the Buffalo Bandit Mane to Sheriff Wyatt Warp.
  21. Talk to Johnny James in the sheriff's jail
    • He tell you that the spy has continued to torment him with finger-gun motions.
    • He then tells you the ore is under the elevator on the second floor of the mine.
  22. Talk to Sheriff Wyatt Warp and he will tell you to ask Shawn McCurdy for help.
  23. Return to Shawn McCurdy rockrdg2347216 outside the mine to be transported inside the mine's second floor.
  24. Once inside, speak with Shawn McCurdy before making your way to the elevator.
  25. Click the Broken Elevator rockmi297119 which is to the South-East then North of where you spawned in.
    • 3 bandits will spawn. Kill them, and then click on the Broken Elevator again to receive Purple Ore Crate.
  26. Return to Shawn McCurdy with the crate and he will warp you outside.
  27. He will then ask you to:
    • Get 5 Brown Muffler (Drops from Buffalo Bandit Bandit)
    • Get 5 Bandit's Scarf (Drops from Buffalo Bandit Duelist)
    • Kill 3 Buffalo Bandit Sharpshooter (Located in Kiwawa 1)
    • Kill 3 Buffalo Bandit Duelist (Located in Kiwawa 1 and Kiwawa 2)
    • Kill 3 Buffalo Bandit Bandit (Located in Kiwawa 2)
  28. Return to the Concaved Rock and talk to Albert Ford. He's surprised by the truth of it all.
    Note: This is a good chance to pick up the Brown Mufflers and Bandit Scarves that he drops so that it can be used for other characters or the daily quest.
  29. After you burned your bridges with Albert, return to Wyatt Warp in the sheriff's office.