Pipe Cleaning

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Pipe Cleaning
Base Level: ??
Hunting: 20 Sea Anemone
Quest Prerequisite(s): Fistful of Zeny
Base Experience: 25,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 20,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 25250.png 1 Rock Ridge Coin

Cooldown Quest Name: Too Early for Pipe Cleaning

Rock Ridge has an underground water pump that ends up in the sea, but sea anemones keep sticking to the pipe and causing problems.

  1. Speak to Donovan harboro1138157 on the west side of town who is looking for adventurers to help him out with the anemone problem!
    Pipe Cleaning-Start Location.jpg
  2. Enter Rock Ridge Culvert.
  3. There are two spots west that have Sea Aneomone; go to either one and kill 20 of them.
    • Sea Aneomone has 20 HP, take only 1 damage per hit, and do not attack back.
    • harboro259259 is the top west one.
    • harboro261149 is the bottom west one.
    Pipe Cleaning-Sea Anemones Location.jpg
  4. Return back to Donovan for 1 Rock Ridge Coin and Base EXP and Job EXP.