Pipe Cleaning

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Pipe Cleaning
Base Level:  ??
Quest Prerequisite(s): Fistful of Zeny
Base Experience: Min. 25,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: min. 20,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 1 25250.png Rock Ridge Coin

Rock Ridge has an underground water pump that ends up in the sea, but sea anemones keep sticking to the pipe and causing problems.

Donovan on the west side of town is looking for adventurers to help him out with the anemone problem! To enter the Rock Ridge culvert, talk to Quiet Joe on the east side of town. He doesn't say much, but he'll get you where you need to go. Travel west of the entrance to reach the pipe littered with sea anemones. Get rid of 20 of them! To exit the culvert, travel to the northeast corner of the map and find the Underground Passage warp .

Return to Donovan for your prize of 1 Rock Ridge Coin! He'll need some more help later, This quest can be repeated once the daily cooldown is complete.