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Ghost on the Ferry Ship

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Ghost on the Ferry Ship
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Consumed): 6511.png 3 Beautiful Flower

6510.png 3 Elegant Flower
6509.png 3 Mysterious Flower

Quest Prerequisite(s): Cautious Village
Base Experience: 200,000
Job Experience: 200,000
Item(s): 6497.png 1 Lesser Agimat (Non-VIP)

6497.png 2 Lesser Agimat (VIP)

Note : Step 1-3 only applies on first time quest, you'll automatically go to step 4 and onward when you talk to Pedro after the quest timer expired.

  1. Speak with Pedro the Sailor malaya32668 and ask about the ferry ride. He complains on how the ship can't sail because of the ghosts inside the ship. While listening to his story, he tells you that he saw a black ghost and has suddenly disappeared. He suggests you to take a look inside the boat.
  2. Get inside the boat and walk near Ghost Diwata to start a conversation. No matter what option you choose you'll make her angry and you'll be kicked out the of ship.
  3. Speak with Pedro again and tell him what you saw inside. He suggests you to consult Leader Phong the Mumbaki.
  4. Speak with Leader Phong the Mumbaki malaya185358 and ask for an advice. He tells you that flowers are the best choice to seduce a woman.
  5. He asks you to bring him 3 Mysterious Flowers, 3 Elegant Flowers and 3 Beautiful Flowers for him to make a bouquet.
  6. Return to him after gathering the items. Receive an Offering Bouquet.
  7. Bring the bouquet to the Ghost Diwata and slide them down on the floor. She realize that you're not an enemy but an outsider.
  8. Return to Pedro and he'll thank you for the job and reward you with EXP, Job EXP and 1 Lesser Agimat.