Halloween Event (2007/10/30) ~ (2007/11/06)

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Item Requirements: 10 Fabric, 1 Npc Cap, 10 Jack'o pumpkins

Quest Rewards: Event Pumpkin Hat, Niff Ticket

Pumpkin Hat

1. Find a Pumpkin Clown. There are more than one of them; a partial list is below:

2. He will offer to trade you a Pumpkin Hat for 10x Fabric (Whisper) 1x Npc Cap (Armor Shop) 10x Jack'o Pumpkins (Jakk) (Niflheim Tool Dealer)

Monster Summoning

1. Talk to the Pumpkin Clown and choose the "Wait, Havoc?" option. He will tell you that you can summon monsters in the town you're in if you bring him some items.

Festival Deviruchi: 20 Little Evil Horn OR 20 Little Evil Wing

Festival Whisper: 20 Fabric

Festival Jakk: 20 Jack o' Pumpkin

2. Select "Let's summon some monsters!" and choose the monster you want.

3. The clown will spawn 10 of the chosen monster throughout the town. These are non-aggressive versions of the normal monsters with less HP.

Isren's Brother

1. Speak to the Healthy Looking Soldier, Isren (cmd_fild07: 289, 93) to start the quest.

2. Speak to the children next to the clown in prontera. (127,120) -They should make mention of telling on you and threaten to fib on you to Isrens brother-

3. Head to Geffen and talk to Irendal (geffen: 145,61) and he will offer to give you a Niff Pass in exchange for the Pumpkin Hat.

4. Once you have completed this section, you can trade various sweets for blue potions by the kids in prontera.

  • 3 Cake for 1 Blue Potion from the Young Lad on the left
  • 5 Candy Cane for 1 Blue Potion from the Young Lad on the right
  • 10 Candy for 1 Blue Potion from the Little Girl in pink
  • 10 Cookie for 1 Blue Potion from the Little Girl on top

Note: if you give less then the number shown, they will beat you up and you will lose a little HP.