Harvest Festival

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Harvest Festival
Base Level: 30
Item(s): 31789.png Costume Turkey Hat
25392.png Ticket to Anywhere
Various items from lottery
Event Notice



"Celebrate the Harvest Festival in Alberta with games and fun prizes! As the harvest commences and the seasons grow cold, people from all over gather in Alberta for their celebratory Harvet Festival bonfire and other activities. Head on down and participate along with them!"

Make your way to Alberta to participate in the event. Or, if you meet a Festival PR Agent in any of the main towns, he can also offer to warp you there directly.

People are gathering at Alberta!

Main Quest

Lana wants you to join the fire event!
  1. Look for Lana alberta138169 near a large crowd of people gathered around a bonfire. She needs help gathering wood for the bonfire.
  2. Collect the following and bring them to Lana:
  3. Give them to Lana to receive 1 Ticket to Anywhere and 1 Lottery Ticket for Harvest.

The walking dead-wood
Revival Branch event monsters are appearing on all field and dungeon maps
  • They have 10 Max HP and take 1 dmg from all hits. They have similar sprites to Elder Willows. There's approximately 5 of them active at a time on each map
Monster's Drop Table:

Daily Quests

Luna's Magical Fire

Luna needs help saving Rune-Midgard

In an attempt to preserve the freshness of the firewood, Luna accidentally revived them and turned them into Revival Branches. Now that they're multiplying on their own, they might overrun the entire continent if left unchecked!

  1. Talk to Luna alberta134162 and take his request.
  2. Hunt down 10 Revival Branches and retrieve 10 High-Quality Branches from them.
  3. Return to Luna and hand him the High-Quality Branches to be rewarded 1 Lottery Ticket for Harvest.

Capturing Hungry Savages

Serena wants everyone to be safe

Hungry Savages are on a rampage in search of food. Serena needs your help in safely capturing them so they don't end up hurting other people or even themselves.

  1. Talk to Serena alberta152198. You'll receive a Savage Trap item to aide in capturing them.
  2. Use the Savage Traps to capture Hungry Savages in the same way you tame pets.
  3. Capture atleast 10 Hungry Savages and bring them back to Serena.
  4. She'll reward you with 1 Ticket to Anywhere and 1 Lottery Ticket for Harvest.

A very hungry boar
Hungry Savages can be found on all field and dungeon maps.
  • They have 10 Max HP and take 1 dmg from all hits. They look like regular Savages.
Monster's Drop Table:
  • Tasty Corn
  • Baked Mushroom

Home Food

Songhwa can cook you some delicious home food!

Talk to Songhwa alberta119193 to start this quest. You will be tasked to help in preparing 1 of the 3 kinds of food by random. Each Home Food quest will have its own follow-up quest afterwards. Succeeding days will give a different food quest as the one before but any secondary quests completed beforehand will remain repeatable with their own independent cooldowns.
Songhwa offers one of the following quests at random:

Preparing Roast Turkey

  1. Collect:
  2. Bring them back to Songhwa to be rewarded 2 Lottery Tickets for Harvest

Turkey's Food

Lewis takes good care of her turkeys!

Lewis alberta115198 knows that taking good care of her turkeys helps her raise fatter, healthier, and generally better fowls. And so, she needs help collecting food for her feathered friends.

  1. Talk to Lewis and accept her request
  2. Collect:
  3. Rewarded 1 Costume Turkey Hat and 1 Lottery Ticket for Harvest.
    • Repeat quests will reward you with 2 Lottery Tickets for Harvest instead.

Preparing Moon Cookie

  1. Collect:
  2. Bring them back to Songhwa to be rewarded 1 Lottery Ticket for Harvest.

Eunwol's Dragon

Eunwol is on a quest to bake the perfect moon cookie!

Eunwol alberta117198 wants to make better Moon Cookies. He thinks studying the Harvest Biscuits will help him achieve this. So he needs you to collect lots of Biscuits for him.

  1. Talk to Eunwol
  2. Collect 10 Harvest Biscuits.
  3. Hand the cookies to him and he'll reward you with 1 Lottery Ticket for Harvest.

Preparing Songpyeon

  1. Collect:
  2. Bring them back to Songhwa to be rewarded 1 Lottery Ticket for Harvest.

Reason For Moving To Kunlun

Mr.Kim is homesick!

Mr. Kim alberta119198 wants to visit his family. His only daughter is currently at Kunlun but he can't visit her due to how busy he is with the festival. Luckily for him, the Speedboat Captain can get move him to-and-from there in good time, but he still needs tickets.

  1. Talk to Mr. Kim
  2. Bring him 2 Tickets to anywhere.
    • Tickets to Anywhere are only obtainable from this event. They are given once by the Lana from the main quest, and once from Huntress Serena everyday.
  3. He'll reward you with 2 Lottery Tickets for Harvest.


There are two possible options to participate in the lottery depending on which NPC you approach. They will require different items but will offer the same chance at the lottery.

Try your luck at the event Lottery
  • Gail alberta141188 accepts Lottery Tickets for Harvest.
  • Natali alberta138188 accepts 10 High-Quality Branches.

List of Possible Rewards


  • Costume Harvest Festa Hat adds a chance of dropping a Harvest Biscuit when a monster is killed.
  • Costume Autumn Taste actually increases the recovery rate of 516.png Potato (Whether it boosts an item named sweet potato is unconfirmed. It is possibly missing game content)
  • Baked Mushroom currently has no known effects.

Speedboat Captain

If you present a Ticket to Anywhere to the Speedboat Captain, he will offer you one free voyage to any of the following towns:

The Speedboat Captain can take you to lots of places!

Event History

  • First implemented on November 24, 2020 ~ Currently Ongoing