Ice Necklace Quest

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Ice Necklace Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 996.png 5 Rough Wind
1354.png 1 Hammer
7433.png 1 Blank Scroll
Base Experience: 135,000 (VIP)

70,000 (Non-VIP)

Item(s): 7574.png 4 Freezing Snow Powder
Quest Reward(s): Ability to fight Ice Salamander Ktullanux
  1. In Rachel (157, 183 rachel), find the Sincere Follower, Urstia. Talk to her and agree to help her. She gives the player an Ashy Necklace.
  2. On Ice Dungeon Level 2, find Maheo frozen in ice (ice_dun02 120, 105). He tells an embarrassing story, and asks that the player get his master to help free him.
  3. Go back to the city of Rachel, and near the top of the lake in the bottom right you will find Hamion (264, 98).
    • He will ask that you bring him 5 Rough Wind, 1 Hammer, and 1 Blank Scroll. When you bring him these items, he will give you a Wind Hammer
    • (Hammer [2]s are available in Rachel's weapon shop (42, 111), and Blank Scrolls can be bought in the Magical Academy in Juno yuno323282).
  4. Return to Maheo and use the hammer to smash the ice. He will reward you by restoring Urstia's Necklace to a Sparkling Necklace. You will also receive 4 Freezing Snow Powder
  5. Return to Urstia to receive 70,000 Base Experience.
  6. Once you have completed steps 1-5 (Not necessary to fight Ktullanux) you can sell Glacial Hearts to Mohadin in Rachel rachel11397 for 375 Zeny apiece.

Spotlight Quest bonus:

  • For bonus experience, talking to Mohadin is necessary to complete the quest. If the player completes Step 5 but does not talk to Mohadin, the quest is not completed although the quest log is deleted. Selling him Glacial Hearts is not required for this, just talking to him is enough.)