Juno Remedy Quest

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Juno Remedy Quest
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Rune of Darkness
Base Experience: 90,000
Job Experience: 60,000

1. Meet a sad girl who doesn't stop crying, Euslan yuno111156 in Juno, ask why she's sad. She tells you that she misses her boyfriend, Thierry, who is looking for a remedy to cure her sickness. Help her to look for her boyfriend. She tells you that the staff in the airship station will have some information on this.

2. Go to the Domestic (Juno/Einbroch/Lighthalzen/Hugel) Airship and talk to Hallen airplane23562, he says he's not sure, but you can ask Kaci in the airship casino for more information.

3. Talk to Kaci airplane3369 and she will inform you that she met with Thierry. However, she is not sure of his whereabouts. She advises you to check with the captain of the airship by telling the captain your story. She also asks you to send her regards to Euslan.

4. Look for the Airship Captain airplane236163 and tell him your story. He explains that Thierry went to Hugel.

5. Return to Euslan to pass her Kaci's regards. She will tell you that her brother Eukran works in the Bingo game Amusement Park in Hugel.

6. Go to the Bingo House (57,207) and once you enter a dialogue will pop out, the person there tells you that you can only meet the Euslan's brother after playing a game because he is a very busy man. Playing Bingo is no longer necessary for completing the quest.

*Five people are needed to play a game of Bingo, but winning the game is not necessary.

7. After playing a game, you can see Eukran (You will be instantly warped to the room where he works). He says that Thierry went to the Odin Temple to look for the medicine.

8. Go to Odin Temple and listen around for a Suspicious Man (odin_tem01 135,125 [Walk around this area]), you'll hear 2 people talking about research related topics. After talking, one person leaves and a young man will appear (114, 147 [Walk around this area]).

9. Talk to the young man and find he is Thierry. Unfortunately he will not leave his research to go back to Euslan.

10. After you leave Thierry, the stranger that talked to him (odin_tem01 108, 146, right in front of the port in the temple) is talking to someone else, and they are plotting something.

11. Go back to Thierry and inform him what you heard. He asks for help to gather some ingredient for him. Collect 5 Rune of Darkness. When you have the correct amount, Thierry will make the remedy and ask you to pass the remedy to Euslan while he will stay a bit longer to distract the stranger's attention.

12. Pass the remedy to Euslan. The quest ends here and you will get some Base EXP and Job EXP.