Lost Puppies Quest

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Lost Puppies Quest
Base Level: Unknown
Base Experience: 50,000 ~ 112,500
  1. In northeast Brasilis, speak to Angelo brasilis297307. He asks for your help in finding 3 puppies who are lost in the northern Brasilis Fields.
  2. These puppies can be found in any of these 12 locations:
    Possible puppy locations.
    • bra_fild019896
    • bra_fild0159116
    • bra_fild0162142
    • bra_fild0180163
    • bra_fild0173210
    • bra_fild0180210
    • bra_fild0138235
    • bra_fild0130764
    • bra_fild0126060
    • bra_fild01234101
    • bra_fild0120084
    • bra_fild0117663
  3. Return to Angelo for a Base Experience reward scaled by level.