Oliver Wolf Hood Quest

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Oliver Wolf Hood Quest
Base Level: 120
Item(s) (Consumed): 128 6561.png Dustballs

1 6558.png Pile of Acorn

Quest Prerequisite(s): Eclage Entrance Quest
Item(s): 19543.png Costume: Oliver Wolf Hood
  1. Talk to the Fairy Carpenter beside the portal going to the field in Eclage eclage10232. Ask him how the bridge broke.
  2. Talk to the carpenter again and ask if it can be repaired with magic. Answer 002 when he asks how many pieces of each he requires. He will send the player to Golie for the bridge new bridge pieces.
  3. Find Golie in the Blooming Flower Land ecl_fild0119294 and he will give the player two 6553.png Leaf Made Wood.
  4. Return to the Fairy Carpenter with the pieces. After the conversation he will ask the player to go see his friend, Glaces.
  5. Speak to Glaces in Eclage eclage283275 and she will say that her friend, Moreng's birthday is coming. Glaces will send the player to her friend Yube.
  6. Meet with Yube eclage191200 and they will ask the player to return to Glaces and ask her the age of their friend.
  7. Return to Glaces and she will say she doesn't remember their age and will ask that the player speaks with her friend, Murah.
  8. Go to the north and find the portal leading to the plaza eclage299309.
  9. Murah is located south east of the plaza center ecl_in017351. He will say he doesn't know either and suggests talking to Shul.
  10. Find Shul in Eclage eclage265166. He will say that he forgot and sends the player to talk to Tato.
  11. Speak with Tato in the west side of Eclage eclage136169. She will tell say she can't remember.
  12. Head back to Yube and tell them about the information that has been gathered. Based off of the information gather tell her that their friend, Moreng is 128 years old.
  13. Yube will ask for help in gathering 128 dustballs so she can make candles for Moreng.
  14. Gather the 128 6561.png Dustballs from Cenere inside the Bifrost Tower located in the south of the Blooming Flower Land ecl_fild0118282.
  15. Return to Yube with the 128 dustballs and she will make the candles. She will tell the player to deliver 128 Birthday Candles she made to Glaces.
  16. Go back to Glaces and she will request that the player asks Moreng what he wants for a present.
  17. Talk to Moreng eclage266216 and he will ask the player if he is from Midgard. Tell him yes and he will ask the player about a legend.
  18. Speak to Moreng again and listen to the legend. The adventurers suggest talking to the old man that Moreng heard the legend from.
  19. Go to the Old Man right of Eclage plaza ecl_in016071. He will ask the player if he has heard of a Laphine hero. Tell him no. He will direct the player to a traveler outside of Eclage.
  20. Talk to the Traveler in the Blooming Flower Land ecl_fild0197315. He will ask that the player talks with the merchant he bought the feather from.
  21. Go back to the plaza and ask the Sack Merchant in the north east of the center ecl_in017088 about the feather. The party of adventurers suggest heading back to Moreng.
  22. Tell Moreng about the information gathered on the legend . As he is about to leave, the player decides to let Glaces know.
  23. Go back to Glaces and let her know Moreng is about to leave. She asks the player to talk to Yube.
  24. Yube is inside the house to the right of Glaces eclage292265. Speak to her twice and she will ask that the player brings something to a delivery man.
  25. Head back inside the Eclage Plaza and give the package to the Delivery Man ecl_in014453.
  26. Head back to Yube inside the house and speak with her.
  27. Just as the player is about to leave, Oliver will mention that he is hungry. Bring him 1 6558.png Pile of Acorn which drop from Petal in Blooming Flower Land (ecl_fild01).
  28. Bring the acorns to Oliver. After eating the acorns Oliver will fade away and the player will be warped outside of the house.
  29. Re-enter the house and talk with Du Lian. After the conversation the player will be rewarded the 19543.png Costume: Oliver Wolf Hood costume.