Party Relay Quest

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Party Relay Quest
Base Level: 40
Party: 1 of Each 6 Base Classes
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
Base Experience: 85,000 / Person
Item(s): 2x Yggdrasil Berry for Each Person

1. Talk to Ledrion in one of the following cities:

Town Location
Payon 103, 113
Comodo 71, 137
Veins 274, 118
Einbroch 107, 93
Hugel 102, 130
Rachel 215, 71
  • Note: You must have all 6 players in your party to begin, and only the party leader can start the quest. Each player must be at least Base Level 40. It doesn't matter if the players are 1st Class, 2nd Class, or Transcendent Class.

Swordman Class (11AM - 2PM PST or 12AM - 3AM PST)

First, give the Mission Ticket to a Swordman class character and have them give it to Gatan between 11AM - 2PM PST or 12AM - 3AM PST. Gatan can be found in the following places:

Town Location
Payon 83, 327
Comodo 236, 197
Veins 138, 207
Einbroch 260, 128
Hugel 169, 139
Rachel 45, 163

Once you speak to Gatan during the specified times, he will ask you to get stronger.. by gaining 2 more levels.

When you get the levels, go back and speak to him (again, between 11AM - 2PM PST or 12AM - 3AM PST). For doing this you will be rewarded with 2x Yggdrasil Berries and roughly 85k EXP (exact amount unconfirmed) and 1x Mission Ticket 2 to give to a Thief Class character, and instructs them to speak to Bafhail.

  • Level 77 - Asked to Get 2 Levels.
  • Level 91 - Asked to Get 1 Level.
  • Level 98 - Asked to Get 0 Levels.

Thief Class (8AM - 11AM PST or 9PM - 12AM PST)

When you go to Bafhail, you have to go between 8AM - 11AM PST or 9PM - 12AM PST.

Town Location
Payon 204, 221
Comodo 152, 184
Veins 203, 2356
Einbroch 251, 178
Hugel 55, 200
Rachel 245, 132

His mission is for you to hunt 3x lots of 10 items.
Possible Item Combinations;
10 Wooden Heart
10 Shoulder Protector
10 Wolf Claw

Once you return to him between his operating hours, he will give you 2x Yggdrasil Berry, EXP and a Mission Ticket 3. The next ticket is to be given to an Archer class character. He instructs them to speak to Lospii.

EXP Reward differs between characters. Currently unsure of the level ranges.

  • Level 70 - 85,920
  • Level 96 - 104,760

Archer Class (2PM - 5PM or 6PM - 9PM PST)

Take the Mission Ticket 3 to Lospii. He can be found at these locations.

Town Location
Payon 168, 314
Comodo 64, 219
Veins 97, 245
Einbroch 173, 72
Hugel 144, 201
Rachel 158, 215

His mission is to gather up 10 of your friends. They don't have to be on friends list or in party, just have to be standing near him. And in fact you yourself count as a friend, so really you only need 9 People Plus yourself. For completing this you get 859,200 EXP (on a level 68 Dancer), 2x Yggdrasil Berries and a Mission Ticket 4, which is to be given back to the leader who started the quest. The leader has to go back and speak to Ledrion.


Ok the leader has to speak to Ledrion, and for this each of the party members has to be online. He congratulates you for getting half way, and rewards you with a little bit of exp and 3x Gift Boxes, and 1x Old Blue Box. He also gives you a Mission Ticket 5 to give to a Mage class character. They are to go back to Gatan.

Mage Class (3 Hours Before Lunch or 3 Hours around Midnight)

Sorry but the exact times he works aren't known yet. But i do know they are different to the original times. When you speak to Gatan, once again he asks for you to get stronger by gaining base levels.

Level 54 Sage - Asked to gain 3 Base Levels

Once you gain the levels and return back to him during his work hours, he rewards you with ???. He also gives you a Mission Ticket 6 which is to be given to an Acolyte Class and they are to speak to Balhail.

Level 58 Sage - Rewarded 468,075 EXP and 2x Yggdrasil Leaf.

Acolyte Class (3 Hours at the Start of the Day or 3 Hours in Midday.)

Sorry but the exact times he works aren't known yet. But i do know they are different to the original times. Balhail asks for ???.