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These guidelines are made to ensure that people post high quality information to be shared with other RO players. Violations of any of these rules will result in losing the ability to create / edit and these rights will not be returned quickly.

In a nutshell: Write in a neutral, polite and simple style that can be understood by everyone.

Rules for iRO Wiki Users

1. Editors should not use any text that is known to be false. If an editor thinks it is true but is not 100% sure, please put a note such as (verify?) in the edit summary (not in the article body) so people can help verify it.

2. Mentioning an in-game character name or guild is prohibited. Editors are not allowed to make any sort of personal attacks on any of the pages, including talk pages.

3. Editors are not allowed to post anything that will cause drama. All the article pages are encyclopedic articles, not flamewars or drama. Use polite language throughout the wiki.

4. Edits made should be as neutral as possible in an editor's viewpoints. This means bias should not influence edits (Example: Posting that Hunters are overpowered in Hunter class page).

5. Vandalism is not welcome. Editors should not make edits just to spite other people. See:Vandalism Policy for more information.

6. Any rumors should not be posted until confirmation; this can be done on a Talk page. Any non-officially verified information is defined as such until a source can be found.

7. Absolutely no data, information, or mentioning of private servers or illegal third-party programs is allowed. Data on game exploits or bugs that can be exploited are similarly not allowed. Report any exploits to the GM team.

8. Remember, wiki usage is a privilege, not a right.

9. Only use English when creating pages here, as this is an English fansite. Maintain grammar and spelling if possible, especially simple things like punctuation.

10. Information pertaining to iRO takes precedence over that from other versions. Information from other official versions is welcome so long as it is clearly marked as not pertaining to iRO and is added as footnotes/separate sections/etc. that don't confuse readers as to their iRO-applicability. Information such as events, quests, and unique items that are unlikely to be implemented on iRO should be left off the wiki entirely.

Suggestions that are strongly recommended

Violating these won't remove editing rights, but it is strongly suggested that all editors follow them.

We encourage users to be bold when updating pages. Wikis like ours develop faster when everybody helps to fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure the wording is accurate, etc. We expect everyone to be bold and help make iRO Wiki a better encyclopedia. iW not only allows you to add to, revise, and edit the article — it wants you to do it. It does require some amount of politeness, but it works. You will see. Also, of course, others here will edit what you write. Do not take it personally. They, like all of us, just want to make iRO Wiki as good as it can possibly be.

Also, when you see a conflict in a talk page, do not be just a "mute spectator". Be bold and drop your opinion there.

1. Make sure if you are working on a something with a guideline layout (such as working on classes, or skills), that it follows the existing format. This is for a conformity issue. Failure to follow this might result in your article being edited mercilessly. Deletion will only happen should it violate one of the rules above.

2. Make sure your page conforms with existing pages of same type, meaning, if you are working on class pages, make sure its presentation style is same as other existing types.

3. Try to follow currently existing templates for better uniformed entries. (Refer to Trans Char & Skill Pages.)

4. The article's writing style should not sound too opinionated or biased towards the writer.

5. Obviously, if your edit is minor, please tick the minor edit box. Minor edits are details such as grammar, formatting, or rewording of existing information.

6. Avoid phrases like "I think" or "this seems". These will be promptly removed. If possible, raw data instead of "small", "large" and other such descriptions are preferred.

7. Write pages so they are written in genderless 3rd person singular or plural instead of 2nd person singular or 1st person plural. Basically avoid "you" and "we", "he/she", and use "(the) player", etc.

8. Write boldly and clearly. Make sure the text is readable with structured sentences and paragraphs. Don't add asides, comments, or notes in paragraphs; instead, they should be made into clear sentences. For personal opinions, take them to the talk pages for discussion.

Example 1

Your next group of foes will be non-aggressive Lunatics. At first, it appears that there are only six, but they quickly multiply to about 30 or so. If you have Fire Wall, you can Fire Wall three of the six groups before they can split, effectively killing about 15 Lunatics.

The next group of foes will be non-aggressive Lunatics. At first, it appears that there are only six, but they quickly multiply to about 30 or so. If the player has Fire Wall, it is possible to Fire Wall three of the six groups before they can split, effectively killing about 15 Lunatics.

Example 2

If you attack a small monster with Pierce level 10, it will do (200% x 1 hit) 200% damage.

Attacking a small monster with Pierce level 10 will do (200% x 1 hit) 200% damage.

9. When unsure about an fact or part of the article, simply mention it on the Talk page. A conclusion can be reached and then a clean edit can be made. Writing in the Talk pages is not as strict as the real pages, but the rules remain. Don't forget to sign your comment with two dashes and four tildes (--~~~~) at the end. This automatically attaches your name and date to the text.