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Please be respectful and don't change already made boxes without the author's permission!

Here you can find different pre-made userboxes to add to your userpage. Copy the text to the left of the box on to your userpage to add it.

How To

To better align userboxes on your userpage, you can use the following table format:

{| align="left, right, or center"


iRO Ymir
iRO Valkyrie
iRO Yggdrasil
{{User:Espeon/Userbox/RO | region | server}}
(defaults to iRO Valkyrie)
iRO This user plays on iRO Valkyrie.

RO Status

BBL This user is taking a break from RO, but will probably come back.
{{User:Resplendent/Userbox/QuitRO | <region> | <server>}}
<region> This user formerly played on <region> <server> and has since quit.


Potion Research.png This user plays an Alchemist.
Enchant Deadly Poison.png This user plays an Assassin Cross.
Alchemy.png This user plays a Biochemist.
Music Lessons.png This user plays a Bard.
Grand Cross.png This user plays a Paladin.
Hammer Fall.png This user plays a Blacksmith.
Meditatio.png This user plays a High Priest.
Basic Skill.png This user plays a (Super) Novice.
Basic Skill.png This user plays a perma-first class character.
Soul Linker Spirit.png This user plays a Soul Linker.
Falcon Eyes.png This user plays a Sniper.
Full Divestment.png This user plays a Stalker.
Wiz This user plays a Wizard class character.
Wizard.jpg This user plays a Wizard class character.
Gen cartboost.png This user plays a Genetic.
GCross Research New Poison.jpg This user plays an Guillotine Cross.
Overcharge.png This user plays a Merchant.
Heal.png This user plays an Acolyte.
Inspiration.png This user plays a Royal Guard


Assumptio.png This user believes Assumptio is the only reason High Priests are useful.
Death.png This user is regularly assraped by EDP Link SB.
Death.png This user is regularly assraped by Lex AB.
Raging Trifecta Blow.png This user enjoys a good Fisting.


{{User:Espeon/Userbox/Guildmaster | name}}
714 Emperium.png This user is guildmaster of the <name> guild.
Noguild.png This user stubbornly refuses to join a guild.

Misc RO

{{User:Espeon/Userbox/Rock out}}
This user likes to rock out while leveling!!
2243.png This user is a dork. 8D
938.png This user would rather spend their time masturbating instead of playing RO.
This user is AFK
most part of the day
and leaves a chatbox open
Kawaii.png This user is :~*~:sO kAwAiI:~*~: n____n;;.
Kspay.png This user's flood of Kafra Shop purchases singlehandedly keeps Gravity out of bankruptcy.
KS This user cannot resist the temptation of the Kafra Shop.
{{User:Resplendent/Userbox/KS3 |<number>}}
KS This user has spent over $<number> on the Kafra Shop. Please save them before they run out of money.
Antiks.png This user thinks the Kafra Shop has completely ruined iRO.
Xdress.png This user cross-dresses in game.
{{User:Resplendent/Userbox/Accounts | <number>}}
Important.png Holy crap! This user has <number> accounts!
:'( This user tries and fails at all forms of PVP
qq This user loves complaining about everything in RO.
B& If this user were a GM, everyone they hate would be banned.
{{User:Resplendent/Userbox/Deleteplz | <name>}}
(: This user would really appreciate it if <name> would delete all of their characters and quit RO.
Kawaii.png This user uses lots and lots of :~*~:e glitter:~*~: for their character names and doesn't care if you think it's stupid.
1551 Bible.png This user loves smacking around dem bitches and hoes with this here bible!
2629 Megingjard.png This user is so freaking rich, they've got God Items coming out their ass.
1230 Ice Pick.png This user has broken so many Ice Picks that they're about to jump off a bridge.
{{User:Resplendent/Userbox/FavGear |<id> |<name>}}
id.png This user's favorite gear is <name>!

Other Games/Manga/Anime

\m/ This user is pretty metal.
GW-Paragon.png This user also plays Guild Wars.
This user has absolutely no life and plays World of Warcraft
DOTA This user also plays Hello Kitty Online.
HKO-icon.png This user quit Ragnarok Online for Hello Kitty Online
RL This user quit Ragnarok Online for the hit new MMO Real Life. Join today for a free 15-day trial!
{{User:Espeon/Userbox/VK_Fanatic |boy/girl (no space after the | )}}
JP Mana.png This user is a visual kei fanboy/girl.