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Premium Accounts/pRO

From iRO Wiki

pRO's VIP service is called The Order of Odin, which is available in F2P and subscription servers.

Server(s)/VIP Status F2P (Valkyrie, New Loki) Premium (New Chaos)
Base/Job EXP from Monsters and Quests 1.5x 2.25x 1x 1.5x
Kafra Storage Slots 300 600 300 600
Monster Drops 1x 1.5x 1x 1.5x
Death Penalty 5% EXP 2.5% EXP 1% EXP 0% EXP
Battleground Medals (Victory or Defeat) Normal 2 Bonus Medals Normal 2 Bonus Medals
Fly Wings / Butterfly Wings / Teleport Skill Disabled Available
Equipment upgrade safe levels with regular metals No Yes
PK enabled on certain maps Yes Geffen Field 10 only
Potion Level Requirements Yes No
Emperium Item Mall Monster Drop
Wedding Dress Item Mall Monster Drop
Kafra storage permission for cards No Yes
Popular Cards Availability Item Mall Monster Drop
Slotted Equipment Availability Item Mall Monster Drop
MVP Cards Random chance from lucky boxes from item mall Monster Drop

Additional VIP Features

The following is a list of features/quests that requires VIP status to access. They are available on all servers unless otherwise noted.

  • Dungeon and WoE castle teleport service
  • Ragnarok Order of Odin Daily Quest