Remembrance Day Event (2007/11/06) ~ (2007/11/13)

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Item Requirements: 1000 Flower, 100 Red Herb

Quest Rewards: 75,000 Base Experience and 30,000 Job Experience per spot

  1. Talk to Elegant Woman near the Prontera fountain
  2. Ask her to make Poppy Wreaths for you, continue to do so until you have 9 of them
  3. Talk to the sign next to her , and take note of the locations mentioned.
  4. Visit the locations given.
    • Near the entrance to Prontera Castle
    • Near the Prontera Sanctuary
    • The entrance to Prontera Culverts (prt_fild05 271,215)
    • The Undersea Tunnel Entrance in Byalan Island
    • The docked ship in Alberta
    • Payon Cave Entrance
    • Near Morroc Pyramid Ruins
    • Near the Geffen Tower
    • In front of the Al De Baran Clock Tower
  5. Return to the Elegant Woman in Prontera and she will offer to make another wreath for you. She will ask if you've been to "where the Orcs bury their fallen."
  6. Visit the entrance to Orc Dungeon (gef_fild10 61,335) to lay another wreath