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Shiny Blade

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Shiny Blade
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Consumed): 6508.png 10 Silver Bracelet
Hunting: 10 Tiyanak

10 Manananggal

Quest Prerequisite(s): Cautious Village

Nurse in Port Malaya (up to Level 1 Dungeon Access)

Base Experience: 200,000
Job Experience: 200,000
Item(s): 6497.png 1 Lesser Agimat (Non-VIP)

6497.png 2 Lesser Agimat (VIP)

  1. Speak with Blacksmith Pandoi malaya119217 about the Silver Blade. He complains on how he can't get the materials he need inside the hospital because of the ghosts.
  2. Offer him help and he'll ask you to hunt down 10 Tiyanaks, 10 Manananggals and bring him 10 Silver Bracelets.
  3. Return to Pandoi after defeating the monsters and gathering the required number of item.
  4. Receive some EXP, Job EXP and 1 Lesser Agimat.