Spring Event (2009/05/19) ~ (2009/06/02)

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Spring Event (2009/05/19) ~ (2009/06/02)
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Folding Fan of Cat Ghost, 1 Wind Stone, 1 Blue Gemstone

1 Wind Stone, 2 Pieces of Bamboo, 2 Oil Papers

1 Thin Trunk (Optional Per Item)

Item(s): Spray of Flowers or Huge Spray of Flowers (Repeatable)
  1. In Archer Village, talk to Captain Feles at (66, 140).
  2. He asks you to bring one of the following set of items:
  3. With these items he will make a Big Fan Of Magic. You may only have one of these at any time.
  4. When the cherry tree nearby starts glowing, use the Big Fan Of Magic on the tree to obtain a random number of Spray of Flowers (between 5 and 10). There are also 4 trees available in north Prontera (142, 282) that are always active.
    • Note 1: The tree near Feles will glow for 30 min, during this time, Capitan Feles will not talk to you. You will need to use the trees in Prontera during that time.
    • Note 2: While the tree is glowing, it will drop several Spray of Flowers every minute or two.
  5. Using 5 Spray of Flowers, Capitan Feles will offer to make a Huge Spray of Flowers if you bring him a Thin Trunk.
    • Spray of Flowers grants Flee +10 for 5 min when consumed. They are account bound.
    • Huge Spray of Flowers grants Flee +10 for 5 min for the entire party when consumed. They are account bound.
  • This quest is repeatable. The set of items Feles asked you to bring stays the same, this is character bound.