St. Patrick's Day Event (2010/03/11) ~ (2010/03/25)

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St. Patrick's Day Event (2010/03/11) ~ (2010/03/25)
Base Level: Unknown
Hunting: 250 Bathory, 250 Poison Spore
Base Experience: Premium servers: 900,000
Valkyrie server: 600,000
Job Experience: Premium servers: 375,000
Valkyrie server: 250,000
Item(s): 5–25 Green Ale
Quest Reward(s): +3 to all stats for 20 minutes
Location of the pub

1. Enter the pub in southwest Prontera prontera4467.

2. Talk with O'Rilley (‘Happy Leprechaun’) and accept his request.

3. Kill 250 Bathories and 250 Poison Spores.

4. Return to the pub and talk with the Drunken Cat, who rewards you with an UP Coin.

5. Move towards the group of snakes outside the pub prontera4573 and one of them will offer to exchange some Green Ale for the UP Coin.


  • Bathories are located on basement floor 4 of the Al De Baran Clock Tower, which a Key of Underground is required to access. The number of bathories has been slightly increased for the duration of the event.
  • Hunter Flies have been removed from level 1 of Geffen Dungeon & Poison Spore spawns have been increased for the duration of this event.
  • O'Riley will offer to warp you to the Clock Tower basement at no cost, once, if you have completed the quest once prior by using a Key of Underground.
  • The UP Coin has no other use outside of this quest.