Summer Sports Event (2012)

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Summer Sports Event (2012)
Base Level: 60+
Item(s) (Consumed): 25 Milk, 15 Strawberries, 20 Iron Ore
Base Experience: 150,000(VIP), 150,000(VIP)

100,000(Non-VIP), 100,000(Non-VIP)

Job Experience: 750,000(VIP), 75,000(VIP)

500,000(Non-VIP), 50,000(Non-VIP)

Track and Field Event

Week 1

  1. Head to west Geffen and speak to either Terra Track or Franklin FieldGeffen53126. Agree to join their committee. You will be rewarded with some Exp.
  2. Now head to the Geffen Inn. Geffen169171
  3. Inside speak with Monsieur PierrotGeffen_in7762. He will tell you more about the events and asks you to speak to Major Molotov.
  4. Head to your left and speak with the MajorGeffen_in7370. He asks you to bring him 25 Milk, 15 Strawberries, and 20 Iron Ore.
  5. Return to him with the items and he will agree to come to the games.
  6. Now speak with Lydia MansoorGeffen_in6674. She tells you to race to the Eastern corner of the Southern Fountain in Geffen.
  7. In Geffen speak with the spot on the ground labeled Race CheckpointGeffen12947. One of the Rachel team members appears and tells you to return to Lydia Mansoor.
  8. Speak to Lydia Mansoor again. She will tell you that her team will proudly come to the events. She gives you some Exp.
  9. She also mentions that she will get the other Delegates to come next week.

Week 2 (Continuation)

  1. Speak with Lawrence LlagunoGeffen_in7870. He asks you to speak with the weapon shop Manager.
  2. Head to the weapon shop in GeffenGeffen101138.
  3. Speak with the Manager.Geffen_in22165.
  4. Now return to Lawrence and speak with him again. He thanks yu and sends you to the Brasilis Team Leader.
  5. Go over to the opposite booth and speak with Isabela Izumi.Geffen_in5869
  6. You can speak with her about either Fencing or Strength competition.
  7. Now return to Terra Track and you can finish this portion of the Quest.
  • You may now play the minigames

Mini Games


Note: You can bypass the 3 hour cooldown with 1 Eden Merit Badge

  • Speak with Cpt. Rudy RotgutGeffen97133
  • For the fencing mini-game when he insults you, use the proper rebuttal.
  • When it is your turn use one of the insults.
  • For beating him you will receive 100 Festa Gold Medals.
  • Keep in mind that your responses and insults are all lower case.
  • You can only use insults/rebuttals that have been used previously. Remember which ones he uses and don't use insults that haven't been mentioned yet.
Insult Rebuttal Insult Rebuttal Insult Rebuttal Insult Rebuttal Insult Rebuttal
smelled whiff over somewhere sharp tip leaf cat teach potion nose
fear face stop master thought crossed fighting breath


Note: You can bypass the 3 hour cooldown with 1 Eden Merit Badge

  • Speak with Punch SideironGeffen166124. He tells you to punch the machine next to him.
  • Click the Beatup Vending Machine and punch it. Continue hitting enter until you succesfully receive Festa Gold Medals. You will receive 50 medals.

The Maze:

Note: You can bypass the 3 hour cooldown with 1 Eden Merit Badge

In the maze mini-game you must speak to the researcher at geffen56115. He will teleport you to an instance version of kamidal tunnel. There will be another researcher above you that will start the maze for you. In the maze there will be traps on the ground that injure you. There are also treasure boxes. Do not go near them or they will spawn a hoard of monsters. The black puddles in the maze can heal you if you are injured. Along some of the walls are archer skeletons that will shoot you. At the end of each tunnel there will be Relic that summons an MVP. These mvp's do not have drops but are still not so easy to fight. Normally the player will be teleported to the North tunnel where they will have to fight The Orc Lord, after defeating him a lost soul (Doppleganger) will appear, talk to it, it will teleport the player to the next stage at the middle tunnel. At the middle tunnel, the player will meet The undead lord (verify? Sorry I am not sure of what did they change it's name to), now another lost soul (Doppleganger) will appear, after talking to it the player will be sent to the last stage where the player meet Kiel. Defeating it leads to the appearance of the last lost soul which will reward the player with 175 medals and teleport the player out. Sometimes the game send the player to Kiel automatically ((Mostly after dying once or twice)) which means the player dodged two steps and the quest is easier. Speak with the researcher again to obtain another 25 medals.

  • It is suggested that if you cannot fight alone to bring a team to help.


The following items can be purchased for Festa Gold Medals.

  • 1 Champions Wreath for 600 Festa Gold Medals
  • 20 Stat food items for 200 Festa Gold Medals (Stat food ingredients for +20 foods)


You can easily upgrade your Champions Wreath from Frank Geffen61127 next to Terra Track. He will ask you to wear the Wreath and to have another Champion Wreath in your inventory. Every Wreath will upgrade a level.


  • There is a chance of fail.
  • If the upgrade failed, you will keep the Original Wreath but you will lose the Wreath you tried to use to upgrade