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Should we have a list of items in this page if there's a database for this that we link to frequently? If we have a list, why are only limited amounts of items shown here? Should we also add links to a general database search, like "click here for a list of current Garments in the game" (unless the iRO Wiki database doesn't have such general search feature)? If we're showing the most common equipment for each type, then shouldn't we also include lower-end, easier-to-acquire items as well, for those in their First or Second Jobs?

Should each of the weapon sub-pages' lists of items also have a column for required level? The 16004.png Eden Mace I which is a level 2 weapon requires the character to be level 26 while the 1507.png Smasher [2], another level 2 weapon, requires the character to be level 14. --Penciltea (talk) 18:37, 9 October 2014 (UTC)

Hey there,

Great to see someone actively editing and adding new things! Just regarding this page, it's meant to list out general useful equipment so new players have a general reference to go by. Listing out every piece of equipment would just confuse them, and actually that is where the distinction between the wiki and the database is; the wiki should not list everything and their details out.

This page already lists lower end items that are better than eden gears. Anything lower would be inferior to the eden gears, which are already free.

Leveling below level ~80 is kind of a totally different story than 80-150. And most people spend most of their leveling time from 80-150, and keep using the same gears for endgame as well most of the time. So that is why 80-150 should be the main focus. However, one of my ideas from a while back already that I've never worked on is to create a separate page just focused on recommended equipment from 1-80. This would include very popular new player items like Pantie + Undershirt combo, Earth Deleter Card, and so on. Another thing to note is that leveling new characters (1-80) has very different styles as well. This includes but is not limited to ctrl-click single target, AOE leveling, skill spamming (sometimes single target like bolts). It gets into a whole different topic on its own.

Database updating itself is a totally different topic to get into. Irowiki DB is pretty out of date and doesn't have any of the newer things. Divine-pride updates automatically so it actually has everything, with auto-parsed in-game descriptions.

Anyway I hope to be able to chat with you more often. Discussions within wiki talk page is not my forte and I don't really like this whole system (I much prefer instant messaging, forums, posting).

Hope I am doing the signature right...

Maromi333 (talk) 17:40, 10 October 2014 (UTC)

Another person! I swear, until yesterday, I hadn't seen another editor on the wiki since I'd signed up to start editing, myself! :P At any rate, I hope to be of use to everyone. My knowledge of the game is severely limited (maybe rather focused on specific things is a better way to say it), but I'm hoping to still contribute.
As for this page, it makes sense to list just some general equipment in each category so new players can get an idea of what, generally, is useful. It might be beneficial to say "the lists below are generally useful for most classes" or something to that effect. I didn't see anything like that in the opening sections? Because it seems like this list is just there without much purpose, at least from what I had originally seen.
And yes, leveling up to 80 is an entirely different thing unto itself. Hell, it's easier for some classes to level up to the Rebirth process under one build and switch to a different one once the player transcends. I know I'm encountering that as a Priest. I made the mistake of wanting to go full-support as an Acolyte/Priest prior to rebirthing, forgetting that I tend to solo more often than not. And I'm sorely regretting it, especially now that I'm at the mid-90s and a lot of the Eden leveling quests I can't complete by myself. It might be useful to actually follow through with your plan and make a general pre-80 list of equips for lower/new players, as some things would probably be useful to know at that stage.
And yes, lol, database work is definitely an entirely different matter. Heaven help me if I offered to do database updates and such. I know it'd just be a matter of one wrong entry in the table and I'd blow the thing up lol. But it is something we need to, as a group, look into having done, especially if the iRO database is as outdated as it seems.
As for communications, I'm waiting for my iRO forum account to be approved and whatnot. I'd love to have either a PM or chat system for the users on iRO Wiki to communicate with each other, as I also don't like having the talk pages as the only means of discussion. I do have my email on my user page, if you want to ever get ahold of me c: --Penciltea (talk) 17:27, 11 October 2014 (UTC)