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Info on the item rewards for each class would be appreciated. --Resplendent 19:38, 19 September 2008 (MDT)

Mage class rewards are still needed --Rikai 08:16, 19 January 2009 (MST)


I think I've done what you were asking for... If there's anything missing make me know

It might be good to sort this into a table. Also for usability purposes, having a long list saying "yes yes yes no no yes no" easily gets anyone lost. Anybody got ideas? --Steax 10:37, 5 May 2009 (MDT)

Item Rewards

Just wanted to point out that DB doesn't have the Novice items (ie Novice Adventurer's Suit is not the same as Adventurer's Suit, the first gives 8 def while the latter gives only 3 def)