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iRO Valkyrie
Potion Research.png This user plays an Alchemist.
Enchant Deadly Poison.png This user plays an Assassin Cross.
Soul Linker Spirit.png This user plays a Soul Linker.
Assumptio.png This user believes Assumptio is the only reason High Priests are useful.
KS This user cannot resist the temptation of the Kafra Shop.
Xdress.png This user cross-dresses in game.
Important.png Holy crap! This user has 3 accounts!
Kspay.png This user's flood of Kafra Shop purchases singlehandedly keeps Gravity out of bankruptcy.
Merge-arrows.gif This user wishes Gravity would just fucking merge the main servers together already.
:'( This user tries and fails at all forms of PVP
Wiz This user plays a Wizard class character.