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Infobox Dungeon
Nearest Town: {{{neartown}}}
Nearest Memo: {{{nearmemo}}}
Number of Maps: {{{numbermap}}}
Difficulty: {{{difficulty}}}
Level Range: {{{levelrange}}}
Common Elements: {{{elements}}}
Common Monsters: {{{monsters}}}
MVP {{{mvp}}}
Entrance Quest: {{{enquest}}}
Quests in This Dungeon: {{{dunquest}}}


This template creates information related to dungeons to ensure consistency across all of the dungeon-related pages.


{{Infobox Dungeon
| neartown =
| nearmemo =
| numbermap =
| difficulty =
| levelrange =
| elements =
| monsters =
| mvp =
| enquest =
| dunquest =


Field Description
neartown The town(s) closest to this dungeon. (eg., Prontera is the closest town to the Prontera Culvert dungeon)
nearmemo The location that the player can "/memo" to that is closest to the dungeon.
numbermap The number of maps, floors, etc. that are in this dungeon. (eg., Ant Hell has two maps in it)
difficulty The difficulty level of this dungeon, out of a 1-5 scale, 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest.
levelrange The level range of the monsters in the dungeon, excluding any MVPs. (eg., Payon Cave has a level range of 17-88 between all four maps. It may be worth breaking up the level ranges for each map with <br/> tags.)
elements Any of the elements that the dungeon's monsters have. (eg., Glast Heim has Undead-element monsters)
monsters A list of common monsters found in the dungeon.
mvp Any MVPs that can be found in the dungeon.
enquest Any entrance quests that need to be completed before the player can enter.
dunquest Any quests that can or must be completed in this dungeon.