The Royal Hunt

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The Royal Hunt
Base Level: 50
Item(s): 31389.png Costume White Bird Rose
23533.png Rose of Choice
Event Notice


The Royal Hunt Main.png

The Royal Families of Rune-Midgarts cordially invite you to participate in their annual Royal Hunt! Every year as winter draws near, monsters descend from Mt. Mjolnir to prepare for hibernation. Along the way, they destroy villages and property, endangering everyone around. Thus, the Seven Royal Families have put together the Royal Hunt to call adventurers from across the land to participate in their hunting competition to help quell the monsters' numbers!

Hunting Quests

  1. Begin by speaking to the Hunt Guide at prontera16276 or moc_para013819. He'll tell you all about the history of the hunt, and will warp you to their camp grounds when you are ready.
  2. Speak with Commander Nadezhda prt_fild0198171 to sign up for the Royal Hunt. They're only recruiting strong, capable adventurers, so he'll put you to the test before you can participate in any of the hunts. Hunt down 30 Insect Type Monsters and 30 Beast Type Monsters over Level 50 and return to the Commander once your task is complete.
    Officer Nadezhda wants to test your abilities
    • Special event monsters have also appeared in the map, namely Smooth Beetle King, Sleepy Bigfoot, and Starving Coco. There's only a handful of them but they are above lvl 50 and can contribute to the qualifier quest's counts.
  3. Once you pass Commander Nadezhda's test, you will be able to use the Teleportation Device to move to the hunting hut in the hunting grounds. Another teleportation device is located inside the hut to bring you back to the camping grounds if you need. You wil also be able to complete the monster hunting tasks from Deputy Officer La Finch and Deputy Officer Jang Ha-sung!
    This portal can take you to the event's hunting grounds
  4. Speak to Deputy Officer La Finch prt_fild0197180 to receive a series of monster-hunting quests. Each quest can be completed once per day and can be completed by hunting monsters in any map. You can have as many active quests going at the same time, and when you complete them, report back to Deputy Officer La Finch to receive rewards!
    Officer La Finch can give you daily tasks to hunt monsters
    Quest Reward
    50 Insect monsters level 50 ~ 99 23533.png 2 Rose of Choice
    50 Brute monsters level 50 ~ 99 23533.png 2 Rose of Choice
    50 Insect monsters level 100+ 23533.png 3 Rose of Choice
    50 Brute monsters level 100+ 23533.png 3 Rose of Choice
  5. Eager to battle some beefier monsters? Talk to Deputy Officer Jang Ha-sung prt_fild01107180 to receive orders to hunt down bigger beasts! Battle against these boss types for even bigger prizes!
    Officer Jang can task you to hunt down the event bosses
    Quest Reward
    Starving Baphomet 23533.png 10 Rose of Choice
    Starving Baphomet Jr 23533.png 10 Rose of Choice
    Sensitive Wild Wolf 23533.png 10 Rose of Choice
    Hungry Eclipse 23533.png 10 Rose of Choice
    Vocal in Regretting 23533.png 10 Rose of Choice
    Diligent Ungoliant 23533.png 10 Rose of Choice
    • These hunting quests can only be taken once.
    • Note: For more details on the event bosses, you can refer to the Event Bosses section at the end of this guide.
  6. When you complete over 32 Hunting Quests of any combination from both of the Deputy Officers, the Royal Families will reward you with all of the following equipment which you can claim from Commander Nadezhda:

Royal Popular Vote

When you complete Deputy Officer La Finch or Deputy Officer Jang Ha-sung's hunting missions, they will reward you with a Rose of Choice, which you can use in the Royal Popular Vote!
  1. Speak to Officer Cezanne prt_fild0174198 next to the Royal Family Members to learn more about the Royal Voting Contest. Four representatives from the Royal Families are in attendance, and you can vote for them by gifting them with a Rose of Choice. The contest is purely for fun and popularity's sake.
  2. Vote for one of the Royal Family representatives by gifting them a Rose of Choice and they will give you a card in return.
    • Nihil M. Heine prt_fild0172193
    • Spica Nerius prt_fild0170191
    • Agnes Lugenburg prt_fild0169189
    • Jurgen Wigner prt_fild0171187
  3. If you collect 100 cards of the same person, you can exchange them for a better version of the card that grants special effects when equipped!
  4. After you cast your vote to any of them for the first time, you will receive a Costume White Bird Rose as a token of appreciation.

New Equipment

Leather Craftsman

In exchange for 1 Rose of Choice, the Leather Craftsman prt_fild0195194 will allow you to rent the following 3 equipment for 24 hours:

The Leather Craftsman offers rentable hunting gear


Next to the Leather Craftsman is an esteemed Jeweler prt_fild0193196 who will give you one of the following Rings in exchange for 70 Roses of Choice:

The Jeweler has prepared lots of pretty and useful accessories


Between the other craftsmen and the Royal Family is an Alchemist prt_fild0187198 who will grant you a 6 hour status buff (increases HP recovery from Potatoes and Meat by 2,000%) in exchange for 1 Rose of Choice.

The Alchemist has brewed up a special medicine for you to try

Monsters List

Name Level HP Def Mdef Size Element Race Appears in
Smooth Beetle King 50+ - - - Medium? Earth ? Insect prt_fild01
Starving Coco 50+ - - - Medium? Earth ? Brute prt_fild01
Sleepy Bigfoot 50+ - - - Medium? Earth ? Brute prt_fild01
Withered Geographer 110+ 18,000~ - - Medium? Earth ? Plant Event Hunting Grounds
Angry Mantis 110+ 20,000~ - - Medium? Earth ? Insect Event Hunting Grounds
Angry Grizzly 110+ 21,000~ - - Medium? Fire ? Brute Event Hunting Grounds
Starving Baphomet
(Event Boss)
? - - - Large ? Shadow ? Demon Event Hunting Grounds (Summoned)
Starving Baphomet Jr
(Event Boss)
? - - - Small ? Shadow ? Demon Event Hunting Grounds (Summoned)
Sensitive Wolf
(Event Boss)
? - - - Large ? Earth ? Brute Event Hunting Grounds (Summoned)
Hungry Eclipse
(Event Boss)
? - - - Small ? Neutral ? Brute Event Hunting Grounds (Summoned)
Vocal in Regretting
(Event Boss)
? - - - Medium ? Earth ? Insect Event Hunting Grounds (Summoned)
Diligent Ungoliant
(Event Boss)
? - - - Large ? ? Insect Event Hunting Grounds (Summoned)


  • Vocal in Regretting and Sensitive Wolf take only 1 damage from all Physical attacks, but take regular damage from Magical.

Event Bosses

Occasionally, event bosses may make an appearance at the event hunting grounds when enough monsters are killed across the whole map and among all players. Only 1 event boss is summoned, and its type and spawn location will be random. A map-wide announcement will also be displayed when the boss appears on the field.

Event History

  • First implemented on September 2020 ~ October 2020