The Tome of the Dark Lord

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The Tome of the Dark Lord
Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): 1+ Sapphire, 5+ Crystal Blue, 3+ Star Dust, 1 Vermilion on the Beach, 5 Honey, 10+ Live Coal, 1 Green Salad, 5 Flame Heart, 5 Mystic Frozen, 5 Great Nature, 1 Dragon Canine, 250 Sticky Poison; 10 Broken Sword, 25 Tough Vines; 2 Mixture, 2 Scarlet Dyestuff, 100 Solid Shell, 10 Elunium -OR- 50 Fabric, 3 Skirt of Virgin, 10 Broken Needle, 30 Witch Starsand -OR- 50 Flower, 5 Illusion Flower, 5 Ment, 30 Empty Bottle -OR- 3 Rouge, 3 Scarlet Dyestuff, 2 Violet Dyestuffs, 1 White Dyestuffs; 1 Torn Magic Book, 5 Worn-Out Magic Scroll, 25 Mould Powder, 25 Yellow Gemstone, 1 Vermilion on the Beach;
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Mr. Smile; 1 Chef King Orleans Vol.1 -OR- 1 Kafra Legend Vol.1; 1 Level 4 Weapon
Hunting: 30 Megalodon, 10 Mantis; 20 (Instanced) Isilla, 20 (Instanced) Vanberk, 20 (Instanced) Pasana, 10 (Instanced) Echio, 10 (Instanced) Agav, 1 (Instanced) Pharaoh; 50 Horong
Quest Prerequisite(s): Rekenber's Weapon
Base Experience: 6,000,000 (VIP)

4,000,000 (Non-VIP)

Job Experience: 4,500,000 (VIP)

3,000,000 (Non-VIP)

Item(s): 10 Blue Gemstone, 1 Tome of the Dark Lord (Accessory)

The Spirits Arrive

Step 1: Speak to the Rekenber Employee in Prontera who tells you that Kazien is looking for you in Nifflheim.

Step 2: Travel to Nifflheim and speak to Kazien. He tells you that the spirits have arrived in Nifflheim and asks you to go and talk to them.

Step 3, 4 and 5: Find the three spirits at niflheim (257 81), (296 85) and (98 202). None of them can remember the events in Glast Heim.

Step 6: Return to Kazien, who suggests you speak to Orovan in Juno about what to do.

Step 7: Head to Juno and talk to Orovan, who is working on an experiment and asks for your help.

Step 8: Collect 1 Sapphire, 5 Crystal Blue and 3 Star Dust and return to Orovan, who crafts 10 Blue Gemstones and gives them to you (50% chance that he fails and needs another set). He asks you to talk to Anvian.

Step 9: Anvian asks if you really think a copy of the Tome could be made and asks for examples. Input either "Megingjard", "Sleipnir", "Brisingamen" or "Mjolnir".

Step 10: Return to Orovan who agrees that a copy of the Tome could be dangerous, but he's more concerned about WHY a copy is needed. He asks you to ask the spirits, but you explain the situation.

Step 11: Orovan remarks on the boats you saw in the Glast Heim sewers and suggests that there might be relatives of survivors living somewhere. You decide to look for them, and Orovan suggests looking across the bay in Veins.

The Chancellor

Step 12: Talk to the Towner at veins (199, 109) who mentions that the little boy by the Oasis is mad at his father again.

Step 13: Head to veins (108, 63) and talk to Setz, who is angry because his dad won't tell him about his great-great grandfather, who he knows was an important man. He needs proof to show his dad and asks you to help him.

Step 14: Head inside the boy's house near veins (333 230) and make your way to the back room.

   Walking within 2 cells of the dog near ve_in (197 382) kicks the player out.
   Walking within 2 cells of the father near ve_in (214 388) kicks the player out. (facing northeast)

Step 15: Talk to the Flowerpot at ve_in (222 379) to find a key.

Step 16: Talk to the Drawers at ve_in (232 382) and unlock it. Inside you find an exquisite crown.

Step 17: Take the crown to Setz, who plans to confront his father. You are warped to ve_in (218 387).

Step 18: Talk to to Setz at ve_in (217 390). He argues with his father, who eventually tells Setz to go to the top of a mountain northwest of Veins.

Step 19: Talk to Setz at ve_fild05 (157 137) (facing west) by the gravestone at ve_fild05 (154 139) (Facing east) who tells you that he heard his great-great grandfather speak to him. He tells you to find the page he hid nearby first by pointing the three markers towards the mountain, going counter clockwise.

Step 20: Find the marker at ve_fild05 (180 57) and face it north.

Step 21: Find the marker at ve_fild05 (289 128) and face it west.

Step 22: Find the marker at ve_fild05 (163 212) and face it south. You hear a door open to the west.

Step 23: Talk to the door at ve_fild05 (93 175). The room is empty except for a single page, which you take.

Step 24: Return to Setz on the top of the mountain, who says that there are three more pages to find. Each of the people that fled Glast Heim with his great-great grandfather took one and hid it, so you need to find the descendants and their pages. He suggests Comodo to start with, as it's the next closest town accessible by water.

The Jester

Step 25: Talk to Setz at comodo (204 138). He says he's already looked around most of the town, but asks you to check the northeast area.

Step 26: Find Pocket at cmd_in01 (127 122), who is depressed because he can't seem to make people laugh like his family has. You ask him about his family, but he refuses to answer unless you make him laugh.

Step 27: Talk to Pocket again and tell him a joke (anything). He's not amused and asks you to come up with a better joke before he talks to you.

Step 28: Return to Setz, who suggests you talk to some of the performers in Comodo for their jokes. He mentions seeing one by a group of campers.

Step 29: Talk to the Clown at comodo (214 315). He's willing to share one of his best jokes with you, but he wants to make sure you're serious about comedy and asks you to wear a Mr. Smile to prove it (Bard and Dancer do not need items to prove themselves).

Step 30: Speak to him again wearing a Mr. Smile for his joke: "What did the Mi Gao say to itself? I'm tired of all this bouncing around, let's split!"

Step 31: Return to Pocket and tell him the joke. He doesn't like it.

Step 32: Talk to Setz, who says he saw an entertainer while in the casino.

Step 31: Find the Entertainer at cmd_in02 (74 56). He wants to make sure you can withstand the might of his joke and asks you to kill 30 Megalodons (Bard and Dancer classes can skip).

Step 32: Return to the Entertainer, who tells you his joke: "What's a monkey's favorite toy? A Yoyo!"

Step 33: Talk to Pocket again and tell him the joke. He's still not impressed.

Step 34: Return to Setz, who is getting frustrated... He mentions there's a performer on the stage to the northwest.

Step 35: Speak to the Comedian on stage, who will only tell you his best joke if you can best him in a joke match.

   Just like the Fencing mini-game. The Comedian will start by beginning a joke, and you need to finish it. He then begins one and you finish it. You learn jokes as you go along.
   1. Why did the Whisper go into the bar? --> For some boos!
   2. What did the Boa say to the Sting? --> Lend me a hand!
   3. Why wouldn't the Crab share his toys? --> Because he was shellfish.
   4. Why are you so wet? --> Because it's Poring!
   5. Why does Arc Angeling always feel rich? --> He hops around with three Carats!
   6. Why are Taekwon Kids not afraid to fart in public? --> Because they have Mild Wind!
   7. Who did the Zombie take to the prom? --> His Ghoul friend!
   8. what do you call two Bathories living together? --> Broommates!
   9. What did one bat say to the other? --> You look Familiar!

Step 36: After the player has won, the Comedian tells them the joke: "Why couldn't Rideword make it to Deathword's party? His schedule was booked!"

Step 37: Return to Pocket and repeat the joke to him. He finds it hysterical and agrees to help you. He tells you his great grandfather was Glast Heim's court jester and agrees to give you the family's page and gives you several keys.

Step 38: Head to comodo (64 344) where you dig up a small box with several chains and locks. Using the keys Pocket gave you, you open it and find another page of the Tome.

Step 39: Return to Setz, who suggests you move on to the next port town: Alberta. He's heard that a strange man has recently bought a new ship for ferrying people to Izlude and Alberta Island.

A Wrong Turn

Step 40: Speak to Setz at alberta (192 161), who says you should ask around the ship.

Step 41: On the ship, there are NPCs at alberta (193 167), alb_ship (175 170), and (112 114) that talk about the ship's owner. Speak to him at (84 89). He wants a Vermilion on the Beach.

Step 42: Return with it and he thanks you. You ask if he's one of the descendants from Glast Heim. He answers affirmatively and flashes you the page. When you ask for it, however, he kicks you off the ship.

Step 43: Talk to Setz again who mentions he heard someone talking in the captain's quarters.

Step 44: When you enter the ship at (162, 171) you see a Rekenber Employee talking to the Captain. Noticing you, however, they quickly disappear.

Step 45: When you ask the captain about who the man was, he says he doesn't know. You think something suspicious is going on and you decide you need help. You are presented with a choice of Kazien, Lyozien or Anvian.

Help from Kazien (melee path)

Step 46a: Talk to Kazien at lhz_in01 (174, 258). You tell him about your suspicions. He agrees it seems odd and says he'll help you fight the crew, but he needs supplies.

Step 47a: Bring him 10 Broken Swords, 25 Tough Vines and a Level 4 Weapon to use in the battle. Blacksmiths do not need to bring anything.

Step 48a: Once ready, talk to Kazien again to be warped into a copy of alb_ship at (71, 99).

Step 49a: Speak to Kazien inside at (80, 99) to spawn monsters:

   20 Vanberk at (88, 114)
   20 Isilla at (88, 86)
   20 Pasana at (100, 99)
   10 Echio at (111, 112)
   10 Agav at (113, 86)

Step 50a: Once all of the monsters have been defeated, the boss spawns:

   1 Pharaoh at (126, 99)

Step 51a: Once all monsters have been defeated, talk to Kazien who thanks you for the help. He's amazed that Rekenber would go this far and says that the ship must be a distraction. He's not sure what do, though, so you decide to let Setz know what happened. You're warped back to alberta (192 158).

Step 52a: Talk to Setz, who suggests that his grandfather might have been leaving clues as to the locations of the escapees via the markers you found before. If you think of the mountain as Veins, the first marker was southeast and pointed to Comodo. The next, as he recalls, was due east of the mountain.

      • If the player leaves the instance for any reason, they must go down a different path as Kazien does not think it is safe to attack again.***

Help from Lyozien (thief path / last resort)

Step 46b: Talk to Lyozien at lhz_in01 (36, 43). You tell him about your suspicions. He suggests you look around Rekenber for clues about the ship's crew by doing exactly what you did before, starting with the scattered reports.

Step 47b: Talk to the Scattered Reports at lhz_in01 (108, 39). You are warned that Jorjerro might wake up if you search around. If you decide to search, there is a 50% chance that he wakes up and catches you, in which case the player is booted out of headquarters. Thief classes have a 100% chance of success.

Step 48b: Return to Lyozien with the reports on the crew in Alberta. He suggests you need more proof for them and asks you to check the Employee Records for their names.

Step 49b: Talk to the Employee Records at lhz_in01 (39, 264) but you are stopped by the librarian who appears at lhz_in01 (34, 262) and says they are off-limits. You are given several options to try and charm her. Once you have charmed the employee, she asks for some products to make her even more beautiful.

   Compliment her Hair
   Compliment her Clothes
   Compliment her Perfume
   Compliment her Makeup
      • No matter what is chosen, player has a 50% chance to succeed. If they fail, they are booted out of the building and have to try again.***

Step 50b: Depending on which option they chose, the user needs to gather item sets:

   Hair: 2 Mixture, 2 Scarlet Dyestuffs, 100 Solid Shell, 10 Elunium and 1 Axe[4]
   Clothes: 50 Fabric, 3 Skirt of Virgin, 10 Broken Needle, 30 Witch Starsand
   Perfume: 50 Flower, 5 Illusion Flower, 5 Ment, 30 Empty Bottle, 50 Oil Paper
   Makeup: 3 Rouge, 3 Scarlet Dyestuffs, 2 Violet Dyestuffs, 1 White Dyestuffs, 30 Yaga's Pestle

Step 51b: Once you deliver the items to her she gives you the employee records. Take them to Lyozien, who confirms that the crew is fake. You decide to talk to Setz back on the ship.

Step 52b: Talk to Setz, who suggests that his grandfather might have been leaving clues as to the locations of the escapees via the markers you found before. If you think of the mountain as Veins, the first marker was southeast and pointed to Comodo. The next, as he recalls, was due east of the mountain.

Help from Anvian (magic path)

Step 46c: Talk to Anvian in the Sage Academy at yuno_in03 (43, 181). You tell him your suspicions, and he suggests you reveal the crew's identities through magic. He asks you to gather a set of items.

Step 47c: Return to Anvian with 1 Torn Magic Book, 5 Worn-Out Magic Scrolls, 25 Mould Powder and 25 Yellow Gemstones.

Step 48c: Anvian asks you to hone your magic abilities while he works on the potion by killing 50 Horongs.

Step 49c: After hunting the Horongs, return to Anvian who gives you a potion that will make the ship's owner tell the truth. The trick, he says, will be getting him to drink it... But he's sure you'll think of something.

Step 50c: Return to the ship's owner, who complains about being thirsty again.

   If you have another Vermilion on the Beach in your inventory, an option appears to add the potion to it.
   If you do not have a Vermilion on the Beach, there are two options that appear: Leave him alone for now or try to give him the potion.

Step 51c: You add the potion before giving him the drink and he begins spewing out truths from his life, including the fact that Rekenber sent him to stall you. He gives you the page, which is a fake. You decide to talk to Setz to decide what to do.

Step 52c: Talk to Setz, who suggests that his great great grandfather might have been leaving clues as to the locations of the escapees via the markers you found before. If you think of the mountain as Veins, the first marker was southeast and pointed to Comodo. The next, as he recalls, was due east of the mountain.

The Advisor

Step 53: Talk to Setz at geffen (109, 37) who is impressed you figured it out. He tells you he's found the next descendent in the Geffen Inn: the famous writer, Minhir.

Step 53: Head to geffen_in (36, 39) and find Mihir, a struggling writer. He wants you to prove you're interested in literature.

Step 54: Bring Mihir one of the following books (must be in inventory, but is not consumed):

   Chef King Orleans Vol.1
   Kafra Legend Vol.1

Step 55: Talk to him again and he confides in you that he's been unable to write lately. If you can help him, he says he'll give you the page you're looking for. He asks you to visit his father in Izlude for any story ideas.

Step 56: Find Mizidar at izlude (157, 89). When you tell him Mihir's problem, he asks if you've even read any of his son's books. When you say no, he gives you a copy of Adventure Story Vol. 1 to read and asks you to come back when you're ready for a test.

Step 57: After reading the book, Mizidar asks you five questions, randomly picked from a total of ten. You must get all five right to continue.

   1. What was controlling Aher?
       A Cursed Sword
       A Cursed Ruby
       An Evil Wizard
   2. How many of the continent's secrets are guarded in the Assassin Guild?
   3. Who is Kshar?
       An Alchemist
       A Knight
       A Hunter
       An Assassin
   4. What was Ziklein about to do before Aher interrupted?
       Punch Kshar
       Kick Kshar
       Stab Kshar
       Poison Kshar
   5. What color is Aher's hair?
       Silver blond
       Jet black
       Ash grey
       Wood brown
   6. What was the second task Aher said the guild master made Kshar do?
       Steal from the king of Morroc
       Pluck Picky's feathers
       Chop down bamboo trees
       Gather water from a well
   7. Who is Aher?
       A Crusader
       An Assassin
       A Blacksmith
       A Knight
   8. What do the two friends drink all night?
       Vermillion on the Beach
   9. Where was Kshar asked to go by the guild master?
       Morroc Castle
       Sograt Desert
   10. What is Aher going on a journey to do?
       To become a Lord Knight
       To find his lost love
       To find treasure
       To slay Baphomet

Step 58: Mizidar is impressed when you pass the test. He tells you that there are some adventurers he knows that might have some stories to tell. The first likes to hunt south of Aldebaran.

Step 59: Find Jones at mjolnir_12 (102 92). You ask if he has any stories to tell. He says he's a bit tired of hunting, so he'd be willing to take a break and think while you kill 10 Mantis.

Step 60: Once you've killed 10 Mantis, return to Jones, who apologizes and tells you he hasn't been able to come up with anything.

Step 61: Return to Mizidar, who tells you to check with his other friend who hunts southeast of Payon.

Step 62: Find Marion at pay_fild07 (230, 274). You ask if she has any stories to tell, but she's too hungry to think. She asks you to bring her some Honey.

Step 63: Return with 5 Honey and Marion will eat it. She still can't think of any stories, though, and sends you back to Mizidar.

Step 64: Head back to Mizidar, who feels pretty foolish. He instructs you to tell Mihir the story of your current quest after you've finished in exchange for the page.

Step 65: Return to Mihir. He agrees to the trade and asks you to return after your quest is complete. He tells you that the page is behind a building north of the Mage Guild in a barrel.

Step 66: Talk to the Barrel at geffen (59, 198) where you find the next page.

Step 67: Return to Setz, who says there's only one more descendant to find. As he recalls, the last marker was north of the mountain.

The Queen

Step 68: When you arrive at Rachel via teleport, a Rekenber Employee at rachel (119 135) halts you to say that they're looking for a little boy. He was last seen running southwest into the marketplace.

Step 69: Find Setz at rachel (78 48), who tells you that Rekenber is on your tail. He tells you to be cautious, but says that he thinks the last person you are looking for is a descendant of Glast Heim's queen.

Step 70: Go into the house near rachel (179 217) and talk to Elizabeth Merryweather at ra_in01 (380 385). She is quick to tell you about her fame and fortune. When you ask for the page, she says she will give it to you after you perform a few favors. She says her bath water is cold and asks you to heat it up.

Step 71: Talk to the bathtub at ra_in01 (387, 375) to use 10 Live Coal to try and heat the water. Each attempt has a 25% chance to succeed.

Step 72: After heating the water, talk to Elizabeth Merryweather again, who says her food is taking too long. She asks you to tell the cooks to hurry.

Step 73: Speak to the Cook at ra_in01 (306 388) *facing northeast* and tell him Elizabeth asked you to check up on the food. He is distraught because he does not have enough time or ingredients to make the salad. He asks you to bring a Green Salad.

Step 74: Return with the dish. The Cook tells you to take it to Elizabeth.

Step 75: Talk to Elizabeth, who is not impressed by your cooking. She tells you that the maid upstairs needs help cleaning.

Step 76: Talk to the Maid at ra_in01 (232 381). She asks you to dust, but says you'll need to find two other people to help at the same time or the dust will just keep moving around to other objects.

   ra_in01 (222, 388): Desk
   ra_in01 (239, 381): Bookcase
   ra_in01 (231, 362): Books
       Players need to find two other people to help with this task.
       The goal is to simultaneously activate all 3 NPCs. Once activated, they disappear for 5 seconds... But there is a 5 second timer before a player can talk to another NPC, forcing them to find help. When all three have disappeared at the same time, the player can continue.
       ***Note that anyone should be able to activate them so that friends can help a player if they are doing the quest***

Step 77: Return to the Maid who compliments you on a job well done. She tells you to return to Elizabeth.

Step 78: Speak to Elizabeth again, who asks you to get some of her shopping done. You're about ready to rip her throat out when she assures you this is the last task. She asks you to go into town and find a merchant and tell him you want "the usual".

Step 79: Find the merchant at rachel (44,44) and when an input box comes up, tell him you want "the usual". He rummages around a bit before returning with a box containing the last page of the Tome of the Dark Lord.

Step 80: Return to Setz, but he's not there... You're worried about him but there's nothing you can do. You decide you'd better return the pages you've found to Orovan.

Beyond the Gates

Step 81: Talk to Orovan in Juno. You hand over the pages and he compares them to the Tome, informing you that there are only a few pages left to find. He's been thinking, and he believes there is a page behind each gate you found in the lowest level of Glast Heim.

Step 82: Meet Orovan in the lowest level of Glast Heim. He hands over the three keys and tells you to be prepared before you go, as there are likely strong monsters guarding the pages. He also says you may need some items from the three elements to get through: 5 Flame Heart, 5 Mystic Frozen and 5 Great Nature

Step 83, 84 and 85: Open each of the gates, fight the monsters and receive a page from each one.

   Fire: que_thor (183 56), spawns around (142, 58) (Need 5 Mystic Frozen to open the door)
   Earth: cave (76 184), spawns around (24 183) (Need 5 Flame Heart to open the door)
   Water: cave for the summoner? (Need 5 Great Nature to open the door)

Step 86: Return to Orovan with the three pages. He congratulates you on your victories and suggests you leave Glast Heim. He asks you to speak to him in Juno.

Step 87: Talk to Orovan in Juno, who says he will work on restoring the pages you have to the book. He asks you to come back in an hour.

Step 88: Return in one hour to learn that there are still two pages missing. You remember the missing pages from the Lion Head and Bucket of Water and conclude Rekenber beat you to them. That jogs Orovan's memory, and he tells you Kazien needed you urgently at Headquarters.

Step 89: Talk to Kazien, who is not happy at the lack of information you've given him. He says that a message came for you: someone is waiting for you on the roof of the building. The note also says Setz' life is at stake.

Step 90: Head outside and onto the roof of Rekenber (lgthalzen x y) where you find the Masked Man. He says he wants to make a trade: Setz for the completed Tome. You tell him it's not complete and he gives you the remaining two pages. Before you go, he warns you not to read the book or your own life might be at risk.

Step 91: Return to Kazien, who says he'll try to think of a way out of this mess while you get the book from Orovan.

Step 92: Talk to Orovan in Juno and tell him about what's happened. You give him the final two pages and he says he'll need a few minutes to finish the book.

Step 93: Speak to him several times and Orovan will hand over the complete book: The Tome of the Dark Lord. He also warns you about reading it, saying that you don't know what might happen if you do. As you leave, you're given an option to read the book, and whether or not you do affects the outcome of the quest.

Fight to the Finish

The Path of Impulse

Step 94a: You decide to open the book, recalling what the final Lion head in Glast Heim said about the book bringing forth either salvation or destruction.

Step 95a: You're transported to a copy of the Glast Heim Church, where you find Dark Lord in the center and defeat him.

Step 96a: Once Dark Lord is defeated, the Masked Man appears. He reveals that he is really the King of Glast Heim, bound with Dark Lord and made immortal by that bond. He was never working for Rekenber, but trying to obtain the tome in order to destroy it. He congratulates you on defeating Dark Lord and thanks you for freeing him before disappearing into the light.

Step 97a: Setz appears and thanks you for helping to free Glast Heim from its curse, but acknowledges that there are other dark forces at work in the castle that must be stopped. He asks you to talk to Kazien.

Step 98a: Return to Kazien, who states that there's one last thing to do: destroy the book, so that it can never be used to summon Dark Lord again.

Step 99a: Bring Kazien 250 Sticky Poisons and 1 Dragon Canine. He stabs the book, destroying it. He rewards you with 2.5 million base EXP and 2 million job EXP and says you should talk to Lyozien.

Step 100a: Talk to Lyozien, who thanks you and rewards you with 2.5 million base EXP and 2 million job EXP before telling you that Anvian has something to give you.

Step 101a: Talk to Anvian, who gives his thanks and asks to see the tome. Although mostly lifeless, he acknowledges some power left in the book and offers to channel it into an Accessory for you. You receive the Tome of the Dark Lord, an Accessory that has the same 5% damage and magic damage increase of The Sign and pairs with it to offer additional stats (5% elemental resistance, 500 HP, etc.?).

The Path of Restraint

Step 94b: You decide not to open the book, but to return it to the Masked Man.

Step 95b: When you return to the Masked Man, you're once again given a choice of whether or not to open the book. If you open it, move to step 95a on The Path of Impulse.

Step 96b: If you do not open the book, you hand it over to the Masked Man. He thanks you for helping him and reveals that he does not work for Rekenber, but is instead the King of Glast Heim. He asks you to gather 250 Sticky Poison and 1 Dragon Canine to destroy the book.

Step 97b: Bring the materials back to the King, who attempts to destroy the book. As he does, however, he screams in anguish and vanishes in a cloud of darkness along with the book.

Step 98b: Setz appears and says that the King's soul was tied to Dark Lord: destroying the book destroyed them both. He wishes there was another way it could have ended, but thanks you for your help and says that you should talk to Kazien.

Step 99b: Talk to Kazien, who thanks you for your help and rewards you with 2 million base EXP and 1.5 million job EXP. He says Lyozien has something for you as well.

Step 100b: Talk to Lyozien, who rewards you with an additional 2 million base EXP and 1.5 million job EXP.