2012 Talk Like a Pirate Event

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2012 Talk Like a Pirate Event
Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Grampa Beard
1 Geek Glasses
Hunting: 20 Enraged Iara
10 Enraged Kapha
Base Experience: 100,000 (Non-VIP)
200,000 VIP
Job Experience: 50,000 (Non-VIP)
100,000 VIP
Item(s): Air Pirate Bandana
Event Notice
  1. Talk to the Coastal Guard (/navi prontera 60/342) in Prontera.
  2. After listening to him, ask about the monsters becoming more active and he will send you to his guild mate in Alberta.
  3. Find the Guard Lieutenant (/navi alberta 30/235) in Alberta .
    • He asks you to kill 20 Iara and 10 Kaphas around town.
    • Note that these are special version and must be hunted in the town. They mainly spawn by the Harbor, but may wander up into town if left alone.
  4. After exterminating the monsters, return to the Guard Lieutenant.
    • He thanks you for making the city slightly-less-under-attack and directs you to take the Sunken Ship ferry to get to Alberta Island.
  5. Speak to the Guard General (/navi alb2trea 30/56) at Alberta Island.
    • There are two options here. I chose to be cheeky and make a Wisecrack, but I am not sure if that changes how to continue.
  6. The General will not listen to you and tells you to wait with the other Civilians, so go talk to the Familiar Lady (/navi alb2trea 29/94).
  7. After learning that she is actually Izlude Irene, the pirate you helped before, ask her if Pirates were behind the attack. She confirms that they were not. Tell her that you will help, and she directs you to Wyse the Unlikely in Einbroch, the leader of the Azure Knaves gang.
  8. Find Air Pirate Captain, Wyse (/navi einbroch 103/129) on top of the airship at Einbroch . He tells you to find Aneka in front of the Weapon Shop.
  9. Talk to Pirate Aneka (/navi einbroch 224/212). She asks for help in smuggling some weapons and a "fortified beverage" and instructs you to either have the Cloak Skill or have the classic Lighthalzen Guard disguise of Geek Glasses and a rampa Beard.
  10. Once you're ready to go, talk to Aneka again. She gives you the supplies (no item) and tells you to talk to Quartermaster, Fiona, who is next to Wyse on top of the airship.
    • Note that it seems that you do not actually need to wear the items. I was able to get past while only having them in my inventory. You can also choose a different route to avoid the NPCs entirely.
  11. Once you have handed the supplies over to Quartermaster, Fiona, talk to Wyse again. He offers to fly you to Einbech so that you can steal some blueprints for a drill being constructed to mine minerals from the ocean floor.
  12. Walk into the building to your right and talk to the H-N Receptionist (/navi ein_in01 164/153) behind the counter.
    • Ask about the Disturbances in Ocean and she asks you to leave, but you decide to look around anyways.
  13. Talk to the H-N Researcher (/navi ein_in01 174/138), who has lost the plans for the drill, but you learn they kept a spare inside the drill itself. You can find the machine outside, on the streets of Einbech.
  14. Find the Drillomatic (/navi einbech 163/140) at Einbech .
    • To talk to it, you actually need to run through it. You will then be prompted to fill in a password, which works much like the game in the Thanatos Tower Quest.
    • If you'd like help finding the number, try this site.
  15. Once you have cracked the code, you will be prompted to read the plans or to take them and run. I chose to take them and ran. Not sure if this makes a difference or not.
  16. Return the plans to Wyse, who takes you aboard his airship, the Moldy Crowe.
  17. Once inside, talk to Wyse again, who asks you to talk to Aneka near the table.
  18. Aneka wants to drop you right into the center of the action, and asks you to talk to the Gunner out on the top deck.
  19. Head outside and speak to the Air Pirate Gunner to your south, who needs help with his aim.
    • You'll need to play a mini-game to help him out.
    • If you put the Phen on your right, the commands will line up with where the Gunner shoots.
    • Your goal is to direct him to where the Phen is three times.
    • Youtube guide
  20. Once you have blasted the Phen, you are dropped near the Mining Operation in Byalan.
  21. Speak to the Drilling Supervisor, who tells you that most of the workers fled after the attacks started. They few that remain have disguised themselves as Galapagos, and she summons one for you to escort to the drill so that it can be stopped.
    • This Galapago works like a Mercenary and will expire in 30 minutes
    • Enter the portal.
    • The goal is the southeast corner of the map, but beware of the mobs and MVP on this map.
    • Low level characters may have difficulty.
  22. The Pengineer will disable the machine, but it is about to explode! You are warped back to Alberta Island
  23. peak to the Pirate Medic who tells you that you were found floating in the middle of the ocean atop your Pengineer... Who happens to be okay as well.
  24. Talk to Izlude Irene again, she will gives you your rewards


  • First implement on September 11 ~ November 16, 2012
  • Re-implement: