2014 Easter Quest

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2014 Easter Quest
Base Level: 40
Quest Prerequisite(s): Turtle Island Entrance Quest
Item(s): Spring Rabbit Egg (Eclipse Pet)
Event Notice

A Case With Egg-stra Bunnyfits!

1. Speak to the Easter Bunny at Prontera (150,191) and ask him more about what's wrong.

2. Head to the building at the bottom left of Prontera (46,67)

3. Once you are inside, talk to the detective and he will tell you how you can help.

4. He will tell you one of 12 locations to check.


  • 1 map West of Prontera town - (prt_fild05) 201,42
  • 1 map West and 1 map North of Prontera town - (mjolnir_09) 126,98
  • 1 map West of Alberta town - (pay_fild03) 269,139
  • 1 map West of Geffen town - (gef_fild07) 103,281
  • 1 map South of Prontera town - (prt_fild08) 56,60
  • 1 map North of Morroc town - (moc_fild07) 168,369
  • 1 map East of Comodo town - Maybe this one wasn't added for being in a dungeon? If it was it's not where it should be.
  • 1 map East and 1 map North of Prontera town - (prt_fild02) 327,367
  • 2 maps South and 1 map East of Prontera town - (pay_fild04) 349,339
  • 1 map South and 4 maps West of Prontera town - (Gef_fild10) 43,351
  • 1 map South of Al De Baran town - This one isn't in the correct spot either, no clue where they put it.
  • 2 maps South of Morroc town - (moc_fild18) 112,89

5. After speaking with the correct Rabbit Hole you can return to the detective.

6.When you are finished speaking to the Detective he will ask you to re-visit the Easter Bunny.

7. Talk to the Easter Bunny again and he will tell you of an ex-friend.

8. Return to the Detective and he will tell you to go visit Turtle Island to look for this other Bunny.

Note: If you have not done so you will need to do Turtle Island Entrance Quest to get to turtle island.

9. Upon arriving at Turtle Island, since the quest is broken, all you have to do is speak with the Strange Nest at (169,75) on the island.

10. You don't need to kill the rabbits that appear. Now we return to the Detective again.

11. After he congratulates you, return to the Easter Bunny and he will thank you and reward you.

Reward: 1 Spring Rabbit Egg (Eclipse Pet) Now you can access the repeatable mini-quest to help the children.

2014 Easter Quest
Base Level:
Quest Prerequisite(s): A Case With Egg-stra Bunnyfits!
Item(s): Black Bunny Band
Event Notice

Helping the Children

1. Speak to Joyous Child at Prontera (220,332) and agree to help the children.

2. Now head to Hugel and look for a Rabbit Hole in the town, like the previous quest.


If you can't find the Rabbit Hole check the other locations. (List may not be complete)

3. Upon finding a Rabbit Hole and speaking to it you will be prompted into a dice game. Beat the Rabbit by rolling higher than him 2/3 times. If you do not win 2/3 times then go find another Rabbit Hole to try again. (You can also wait at any of the locations for it to spawn)

4. After you have beaten the Rabbit in the dice game return to the children in Prontera for your reward.

Reward: (random of the following)

  • Grand Prize: 1 Black Bunny Band
  • 15 Honey
  • 50 Eggs
  • 15 Rainbow Cake
  • 15 Sesame Pastry
  • 30 White Chocolate
  • 1 Bunny Band