2017 Halloween Event

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2017 Halloween Event
Base Level:
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 7220.png 20 Ectoplasm
7208.png 20 Rusty Kitchen Knife
Item(s): 9113.png Skelion Egg
- OR -
9101.png Portable cage for Scatleton

A Nightmare on Prontera Street

  1. Find Cres Wravern at the East Prontera Inn's second floor.
    • He's been waiting for you, and tell him Yeah I am oddly sleepy
    • He will teleport you Realm of Nightmare (a map similar to Niflheim).
  2. Talk to Kreug Enna after being warped to a special version of Niflheim, and she tells you to find others stuck there to get help.
  3. Speak to Lenn Glantz and find out he was also brought here.
    • He tells you that you die in real life if you die here (Sword Art Online much?).
    • Bring him 20 Ectoplasm and he will "give" you an item to see the Dream Demon.
  4. Travel to the southeast and find Claud Rane .
    • His girlfriend was murdered and he was framed and then brought to this hellscape.
    • Bring him 20 Rusty Kitchen Knife and he will make and "give" you a weapon to kill the Dream Demon.
  5. Search for his girlfriend Gina Crey north of him and she tells you she last saw the Dream Demon in Archer Village.
    • You will be transported to Archer Village.
    • Continue the dialog with the Dream Demon and you will be sent back to Niflheim.
  6. Here's where you're supposed to play RO2, and figure out the quest answers, but if you really want the answers...
    • --> Vetr Hjorr Ulfr Feigr <--
  7. Talk to Kreug Enna
    • According to Campitor, if you choose the wrong words, you will receive Skelly Cat instead of the Skelion.
  8. Defeat the Dream Demon? (Baphomet sprite) that spawns somewhere.
  9. Report back to Kreug Enna, and she'll bring you back to the Prontera Inn.
    • You cannot log out on this map. To return, speak to the NPC at the Inn.
  10. Talk to Cres Wraven again and receive a Skelion.
  11. If you gave Krueg Enna the wrong password you will get warped to the left Prontera Inn. Talk to Fancy Thomas just next to you to receive a Skelly Cat.

For our RO2 Friends

Assumption is that these are the words you need to know:


Trick or Treat

2017 Halloween Event
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 529.png Candy
530.png Candy Cane
538.png Well-Baked Cookie

Visit the children in towns around Rune Midgard and give them some treats to commend them on their costumes.

Location of Costume Childs

Town Location
Izlude 2017CostumeChild-Izlude1.png
Prontera 2017CostumeChild-Prontera1.png
Geffen 2017CostumeChild-Geffen1.png
Payon 2017CostumeChild-Payon1.png
Morocc 2017CostumeChild-Morocc1.png
Aldebaran 2017CostumeChild-Aldebaran1.png

Random Rewards

Category Rewards
Battle Manual Buff
Bubble Gum Buff
Citizen Oda's Miracle Elixir Buff
Authoritative Badge Buff
Transformed into Random Monster look for 10 minutes.
505.png 5 Blue Potion
602.png 15 Butterfly Wings
558.png 5 Chocolate
12016.png 3 Speed Potion
Pet Accessory 10042.png Dark Mane, Skelion Pet Accessory
10040.png Red Bell Choke, Skelly Cat Pet Accessory