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The Kafra Shop is the iRO version of an Item Mall. To purchase items through the Kafra Shop, users must use Kafra Shop Points. These items are divided into several categories. Current categories in the Kafra Shop include Consumable Items, Headgears, Boxes, Costumes, Rental Weapons and Rental Accessories.

Kafra Shop Points

Kafra Shop Points (also known as KP) can be purchased directly on the Warp Portal Website. Kafra Shop Points can also be obtained by redeeming Gravity Game Prepaid Cards purchased at retail stores like Target. By and large, the more you spend to renew/purchase points, the more points will be earned for the money. As a basic general conversion, $1 USD = 100 Kafra Shop Points.

Kafra Shop Points can also be obtained without spending money. The player may fill out surveys and receive points if the survey conditions and requirements are met. The list of available surveys may change from time to time. New surveys may be added and some surveys may be removed if enough participants have successfully completed the survey forms. Therefore, it may be helpful to occasionally recheck the list of available surveys.

Warning: It should be noted that many surveys disqualify participants before completion of the survey, thus resulting in no points awarded. Most players have found the surveys to be a waste of time.

Note: "Kafra Shop Points" are not to be confused with "Kafra Points" earned by spending Zeny on regular Kafra Employee services, such as using Storage, Teleporting and renting Carts. Those points can be used at the Kafra Headquarters in Al De Baran.


Kafra Shop Employees are located on the second floor of the Eden Group HQ, Payon, and Prontera. Items available for purchase in the Kafra Shop are all listed in order of when they were added. Older items are at the top, while newer items are at the bottom. If you need to find out how many unused Kafra Shop Points remain, simply click on a Kafra Shop Employee vending items and the total will be displayed at the bottom of the Shop Items list window.

align=right A Cash Shop button in the client interface allows direct purchase of Kafra Shop items from anywhere in the game. Items that require an NPC to function (upgrades, Gym Pass training, clothing dye, etc.) must be taken to that NPC.

Other related NPCs include:

NPC Description
Ripped Callus (Cabus)
Works out with characters who have purchased Gym Pass,
and can level up their Enlarge Weight Limit skill up to level 10.
Mighty Hammer
Upgrades +10 items and above using HD Carnium and HD Bradium
More info: Refinement System
Dinorah Lacostt
Dye clothe using Omni Clothing Dye.
Dye headgear using Mysterious Dyestuffs.
Make costume headgear.
RWC Enchanter
Put a slot/enchant on RWC Accessory.
More info: RWC Accessory Enchants

In Prontera, the Kafra Shop Employee is located in the building at the southwest end of the main path prontera8791. She sells clothing dye (see Dye section below).


The list of items can be found at the Kafra Shop Items Page, which lists items, their prices, and user ratings. The items can also be viewed in-game by visiting the aforementioned Kafra Shop NPC.

On iRO, Kafra shop items are grouped into the following categories:

Or check out the Lucky Box / Groove Pack / Overseas Care Package (etc) archive here.

Clothes Dye

Characters may dye their clothing using Omni Clothing Dye from the Kafra Shop.

  • For more detailed information please check Clothes Dye.

Headgear Dye

Characters may dye their headgear using Mysterious Dyestuffs from the Kafra Shop. To dye your headgear, talk to Alora in 2nd Floor of Eden moc_paraup21185.

Costume Headgear Maker

Alora in 2nd Floor of Eden moc_paraup21185 can give you the costume version of a headgear if you bring her normal (slotted or unslotted) version of the headgears with an upgrade levels of +8 or higher.