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Cool Drink

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Cool Drink
Base Level: none
Job Level: none
Item(s) (Consumed): 531.png 1 Apple Juice
Base Experience: 300
Job Experience: none
Item(s): 569.png 30 Novice Potion
  1. Hun gives the player 1 Apple Juice and tells the player to drink it.
  2. Open the inventory and consume the Apple Juice.
  3. Talk to Hun again, who then gives the player 30 Novice Potion.
  4. Hun then asks the player about their plans. Select "I need help" when prompted by the dialogue.
  5. Hun tells the player to head to the Academy building on the north side of the map.

At this point, the player can choose to go to the Academy building and continue the quest chain, or complete the side quests in the town square.

The town square quests include: