Glast Heim

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Shadows of Terror: Glast Heim


The Ruins of what was once the capital of Rune Kingdom, whose warriors were so powerful that other nations thought of them as Super Entities. Legends say that the king of that kingdom was seeking more power from the sacred tomes hidden deep inside of the Ancient Tower of Geffenia, so he sent Assassins to steal it from there. Little did he know that by reading the tomes he unleashed evil powers over his kingdom; so powerful that it damned every soul into infinite torment. The king name was lost, now he is only known as the Dark Lord, and what is left from Glast Heim citizens are now fearsome monsters feasting on the flesh and souls of wanderers. Lately some adventurers reported hearing explosions from inside the Ruins, no body knows what happened exactly.




Full Map for Glast Heim