Halloween Event (2014)

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Halloween Event (2014)
Base Level: None?
Item(s) (Consumed): 20 Skel-Bones, 5 Decayed Nails 1 Holy Water
Base Experience: 1,000,000
Job Experience: 1,000,000
Item(s): Costume Halloween Hat
  1. Behind Prontera Church, speak to Undead Danielle prontera273343. She will ask that the player meets with her friend in Nifflheim.
    • You can get a direct warp to Nifflheim from the Bathory in Eden Group Kitchen (moc_para01 174, 33).
  2. Talk to Zombie Zack in Nifflheim niflheim198237 and tell him Danielle sent you.
  3. Zack will ask that you collect 20 Skel-Bones, 5 Decayed Nails 1 Holy Water and bring it to the packleader.
  4. With the items, head to the Valley of Gyoll and speak to the Packleader (nif_fild02 49, 272). Speak to him again and he will send the player back to Danielle.
  5. Return to Undead Danielle and she will tell you to head to the recruiter in Glast Heim.
  6. In Glast Heim walk up to the Undead Recruiter (glast_01 358, 305) and join the militia. The recruiter will ask the player to recruit the 4 undead leaders around Glast Heim.
  7. The Undead Leaders can be found in any order at the following locations:
    1. Resting Raydric is located at (glast_01 331, 85). The raydric will join if the player answers a few simple questions. Answer with "Doppelganger", "Holy", and "Nifflheim".
    2. Dreadful Druid is located at (glast_01 213, 125).
    3. Mangled Marionette is located at (glast_01 199, 351). She will only join if the player guesses a random number consisting of 3 different digits between 1 and 9 in similar fashion to step 4 of the Thanatos Tower Quest. For help, you can refer to this site.
    4. Weeping Wraith is located at (glast_01 58, 274). This leader will only join if the player has recruited the 3 previous leaders.
  8. After recruiting the 4th leader, the player will be warped back to the Packleader. Talk to him and he will ask the player to enter the portal near him (nif_fild02 58, 283).
  9. Inside this realm, talk to the Packleader ethana_boss138213 and he will tell the player to bless the 5 seals.
  10. The 5 Seals can be located on the 4 other pillars of the map and 1 in the center. In order to bless the seals the player must sprinkle powder on them.
  11. With all 5 seals blessed return to the Packleader and talk to him. Select any option to attack the Unholy Ghost.
  12. Talk to the Packleader again and the player will receive 1,000,000 Base EXP, 1,000,000 Job EXP and a Giant Squid.
  13. Return to Undead Danielle with the Giant Squid and the player will receive a Costume Halloween Hat.