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Juperos Quest

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Juperos Quest
Base Level: N/A
Item(s) (Consumed): 7356.png 1 Crest Piece (Purple)
7357.png 1 Crest Piece (Green)
7358.png 1 Crest Piece (Orange)
7359.png 1 Crest Piece (Blue)
Quest Reward(s): Access to Juperos Level 3

1. Once on level two, an intrepid explorer and his party must destroy the 3 Gate Switches located on the "islands" around the perimeter.

2. They will not respawn until all 3 are destroyed, and the spawn is not instant.

  • 1st Gate Switch juperos_0224275
  • 2nd Gate Switch juperos_0224029
  • 3rd Gate Switch juperos_02282183

3. Upon doing this, Vesper's voice will echo over the dungeon, inviting warriors to come meet him. They must then make a mad dash to the center of the map juperos_02130149, past mobs of Venatu and Apocalips, to a portal which has now been activated.

4. You will now find yourself in an "NPC" room (as in, you cannot change the camera angle or zoom), and going through either portal (the left or right) will cause you to reach a pedestal.

5.Click on the pedestal to automatically insert a Crest Piece found by killing Venatu. Another portal will open.

7356.png 7357.png 7358.png 7359.png

6. In the next room, a mob of 4 Venatu and 3 Dimik will spawn. If you're soloing, quickly Cloak or Stalk away to a safe part of the room and pick them off one by one. If you're in a party, just go all out.

7. After killing enough (or waiting long enough), you are permitted to enter another crest in another pedestal.

8. Following this are two rooms similar to the last, but with more monsters.

9. After the 3 security rooms, you will reach the "elevator" upon which waves of robots will spawn and attack. You must kill or outlast them all, a task which is nearly impossible without a well-equipped team.

10. Finally you will reach level 3, where Archdams, Dimiks, and the MVP Vesper will be found.