Koschei the Immortal

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Koschei the Immortal
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Cursed Water, 1 Holy Water, 10 Hinalle Leaflet, 2 Yggdrasil Leaf, 25 Steel, 3 Gold, 2 Cursed Ruby
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Poring Card + 1 Milk if you are Swordman/Acolyte class or 1 Crystal Mirror if you are a Thief class
Zeny: 5,000z if Mage class (unconfirmed)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Finding The Moving Island Quest
Base Experience: 100,000
Item(s): 1 Old Purple Box if player is level 99 -OR- 1 Royal Family Tea if not level 99 (unconfirmed if rewards are level-based)
Quest Reward(s): Ability to create Yellow & Red Condensed Potions
  1. Speak to the Sage outside Moscovia Dungeon mosk_fild02198252. He mentions a large rock where the road splits ahead.
    • You need to have a Poring Card in your inventory to start the quest.
  2. Speak to the Mysterious Stone mosk_dun01169168. Chose the middle path (?). A Grey Wolf will appear and attack you.
  3. Return to the Mysterious Stone to speak to the Grey Wolf again. Offer to help him and he will warp you across the map.
  4. Speak to the Wall at mosk_dun0145257. You will be told to go get a Golden Key from the key maker in Moscovia.

The Golden Key

  1. The Blacksmith moscovia181127 says you will need a lot of materials for the Golden Key and asks you to bring him 25 Steel.
  2. After bringing him 25 Steel, he will give you a pair of Iron Boots which you must wear during your adventuring (These are an actual footgear you must equip. DEF:5?) . He asks you to collect 2 Cursed Ruby, 3 Gold, 1 Red Ring, 2 Lusalka's Hair, and 10 Golden Thread.

Red Ring

  1. Speak to Vassili Grandpapa moscovia20681, and ask him about the Red Ring. He tells you that he gave it to his younger daughter Mashenka who had passed away. He frequently mentions his elder daughter Ryubaba.
  2. Speak to Ryubaba moscovia213216 and tell her how pretty she is. Repeatedly. Then ask her about the Red Ring, and she will tell you that Mashenka disappeared near the swamp.
  3. Speak to the Shepherdess at mosc_fild02157233, she tell you to look around for a while. She also asks you to bring her 25 Sharp Branch.
    • Sharp Branches can be obtained from Thornbush at the following locations:
      • mosc_fild02149233, mosc_fild02149188, mosc_fild02125182, mosc_fild02101197, mosc_fild02114233, mosc_fild02159178, mosc_fild02142246, mosc_fild02160226
Branch locations

When clicking on the Thornbush, not all yield a Sharp Branch. If they do not yield the Sharp Branch it will damage your HP. Simply move on to next Thornbush. There are only 8 Thornbushs so they will yield a Sharp Branch more then once.

  1. (For some reason you actually need 26 Sharp Branches)
  2. After collecting 26 Sharp Branches from all of the thornbush, return to the Shepherdess and she will make you a Wooden Flute.
  3. Return to Ryubaba and play the flute for her. She will offer to trade the flute for the ring. Refuse her offer (?). Play the flute for Vassili and he will give you the ring.

Lusalka's Hair

  1. While wearing the Iron Boots, speak to the Worried Mother moscovia166145, and offer to help find her missing daughter.
  2. Speak to her a second time and she will tell you that you will need Holy Water to protect you from the Lusalka's gaze, and that the Lusalka can only be found between 5pm and 6am PST (on fRO, between 11pm and 6am French time).
  3. After 5pm PST, walk to the end of the dock at mosk_fild02113202. Speak to the Lusalka that appears. Accept her request to find her lover.
  4. Find Wanderer from a strange land in prontera prontera227279. Tell him you're looking for Igor.
  5. Speak to Morroc Villager morocc16582. He tells you Igor headed for the pyramids.
  6. Head to the pyramids and find a soldier at moc_pyrd04126119. It's Igor! Give him the earrings and tell him about his lover, Svetlana.
  7. Speak to him a second time and give him encouragement. Agree to deliver his message to his love, the Lusalka.
    • Don't forget your Holy Water to protect yourself from her stare!
  8. Speak to Lusalka again to deliver his message and take 2 locks of her hair (the time restriction interval is also apply here).
    • You will be attacked and cursed. After it wears off, be sure to walk to the end of the pier and pick up the two locks of hair (actual items in your inventory).

Golden Thread

  1. Return to Maria (The Wall at mosk_dun0145257. She will open a warp portal to Marozka's dungeon. Note: You are spawned in the dungeon with a dialogue box open; you won't have time to read through them before you're attacked. Be prepared to hit enter until it closes.
  2. Work your way past the monsters and collect 100 Well-baked Cookies from the oven. Note, they are not actual items, and you may have to try several times to succeed.
  3. Continue heading through the dungeon and collect 100 Apples from the tree near the exit (again, you may have to try several times), head out the portal.
  4. Speak to Marozka at mosc_fild02243270. He asks you to come back in an hour.
  5. After an hour has passed, speak to him again. He will ask you several riddles.
    • Answers are: A Mirror, 4, Day, A Candle, An Hourglass (On fRO, the last answer is Water)
  6. After passing the quiz, you will be given 10 Gold Thread.

Baba Yaga's errands

  1. Return to The Blacksmith with the required materials. He will strip off your equipment and cast a protection spell on you and tell you to go visit the Key Maker in a cabin in the forest. He will tell you to remember the spell as it wears off fast as he is only a blacksmith. The spell is: "Spellshield Protection" (On fRo in French, the spell is "Toi, ruisseau, bois ma verrue.")
  2. Speak to Baba Yaga mosk_dun0248213, She will ask you to enter the spell name. She will make the key, but requires a favor first.

Swordsman Class

Swordsman classes are asked to drive out a ghost from the jar near the cabin mosk_dun0257220 as it irritates her.

  1. Click on the jar and it will summon 2 Male Thief Bugs and an Ancient Worm. Defeat them and click on the Jar again.
  2. Select "What can I do for you?" The Ghost will want to play a card game with you. It says it needs to find its cards.
  3. Click the jar again and it will start the game. (**Note** During the card game, enemies can still attack you. Simply press the cancel option to end game and kill enemy) The ghost will tell you that it has a Ghostring, Angeling and a Poring card. All you have to do it guess what card it picks 3 out of 5 times.
  4. After defeating the Ghost he will agree to be quiet and will say that he enjoyed drinking milk. You will need to have a milk in your inventory for the ghost. Talk to him and he thank you for the milk and promise to stay quiet. The Milk is not consumed but is needed in inventory.

Acolyte Class

Acolyte classes are asked to silence the coffin behind her house. Talk to the coffin, chose the following options (in order)

  1. Pour Holy Water (1 Holy Water is consumed.)
  2. Pray
  3. Sing a Hymn
  4. Kick

Mage Class

This portion is not confirmed.

  1. Buy a book in Amatsu from an NPC (top right). NOTE: It will cost you 5,000z.
  2. Return to Baba Yaga, and she will use the spell to summon monsters. It's unknown as of now if you have to kill them.
  3. Keep talking with Baba Yaga until she gives you the Gold Key.

Archer Class

Archer classes are asked to cast a spell on her runaway cow.

  1. Cows are located in one of three spots.
    Koschei cow.jpg
  2. When prompted, recite the spell that Baba Yaga told you to use. (Check Quest Window ALT+U)

Thief Class

Thief classes are asked to find Baba Yaga's Silver Spoon which was stolen by pirates.

  1. Travel to Sunken Ship, 1st level (treasure01). You must visit the following locations in order.
  2. Find the "Old Bed" (25, 39) (the first room on the left right after you enter the map). Choose "Bed Sheet" and you should find a map and then get spooked and decide to leave. If not, try the other options first and then select "Bed Sheet" again.
  3. Find the "Dirty Wall" (98, 118) in the next part of the corridor in the first room on the right. It will mention a mirror. This is the Crystal Mirror you will need in your inventory at the end.
  4. Find "Old Wooden Box" (60, 183) in the top-left corner of the room at the end of the map (12 o'clock direction). Keep checking it until you find the handle of a key.
  5. Find "Opened Treasure Chest" (27, 115) across from the "Dirty Wall" room you visited earlier. Keep checking it until you find the other piece of the key.
  6. Find "Old Treasure Box" (165, 58) in the large room in the 4 o'clock direction. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CRYSTAL MIRROR IN YOUR INVENTORY AT THIS POINT. Try to open the box. The mirror will reflect the flash from the mermaid figure's eyes and you will receive "Baba Yaga's Silver Spoon" (real item). Now you may return to Baba Yaga.

Other Classes

All other classes are asked to buy her a broom found only in Payon.

  1. Speak to Broom Grandma in Payon at Payon65118. She doesn't have any brooms because they were all stolen by ghosts...
  2. Go to Payon Cave 5 to find the tree pay_dun04163182 where the ghosts are hiding.
  3. Confront the ghost tree and answer its questions about a Kafra race.
    1. Jasmine
    2. Roxie
    3. Glaris
    4. Defolty
    5. Tailing
  4. Then listen to the story about upgrading your Hat of the Sun God to +7 and then breaking it!
    • Antonio broke it...
  5. Finally, play dice with the ghost tree.
  6. You get three tries to throw the same number as the ghost. It's random, so just keep trying until you get it. When you win, you will get THE BEST BROOM MADE IN PAYON!!

Freeing Maria

  1. Speak to Baya Yaga after completing your task. You will be given the Golden Key.
  2. Speak to Maria to release her. Koschei will appear to fight you. He is very similar to Gopinch (MVP) with no mobs. Note: He spawns while you are still in a dialogue box.
  3. After defeating him or waiting (between 1~2 hrs), speak to the wall again.
  4. Return to Baba Yaga with 1 Holy Water, 1 Cursed Water, 10 Hinalle Leaflet, and 2 Yggdrasil Leaf. Must have all items at the same time.
  5. Return to Maria and use the Death Potion first, then the Life Potion.
  6. Return to Baba Yaga who offers to make Condensed Red & Yellow Potions. She can make up to 100 potions at a time.

Post Renewal Note

Level 101 Archbishop - Received 222,035 base exp from Vassili Grandpa upon playing the wooden flute for him.
Level 113 Archbishop (on fRO) - Received 1 Old Purple Box and 1 Incredibly Spicy Curry at the End of the Quest
Received 330000 base exp - 110 Arch Bishop after Vassili Grandpa
Received 1,332,200 base exp, 333000 job exp - 110 Arch Bishop after completing quest. Received 1 Strawberry Flavored Rice Ball