Light & Darkness

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Light & Darkness
Base Level: ?
Item(s) (Consumed): 12046.png 1 Grape Juice Herbal Tea

12636.png 10 Malang SP Can
7798.png 1 Fragment of Darkness
716.png 2 Red Gemstone
715.png 2 Yellow Gemstone
717.png 2 Blue Gemstone

Quest Prerequisite(s): Encounter in a Strange Land, Troublesome Fairies
Base Experience: 700,000 (non-VIP)
Job Experience: 460,000 (non-VIP)
Item(s): 2915.png Ettlang Keepsake
  1. Look for the Eclage Guard in Prison which located in the West Side Portal of the Eclage Plaza ecl_in029932.
  2. Once inside, Talk to the Prison Guard and look for Clever.
  3. Talk to Clever inside the prison and ask what he wants.
    • Bring him 1 Grape Juice Herbal Tea.
    • You can create Grape Extract Herb Tea using the Level 1 Cookbook which is available in the Prontera Castle (Player must finish the Cooking Quest to acquire level 1 cookbook).
    • Receive 120.000 Exp and 80.000 Job Exp (Non-VIP)
  4. Talk to Clever again and listen his gossip about Eclage. Talk to the Prison Guard to get out from the prison.
    • Receive 100.000 Exp and 60.000 Job Exp (Non-VIP)
  5. Find Hiel. He is located inside his residence in Eclage eclage15391.
  6. Talk to Hiel. He will ask you who sent you. Input "Clever" in the textbox.
    • Note: In some servers, the player must input [Clever] instead of the word Clever only).
    • After the conversation about the dimensional rift fragments, Hiel will send you to Midgard Camp to gather more information.
  7. Talk to Shelby in the Midgard Camp mid_camp173257.
  8. Talk to Ford in the Midgard Camp mid_camp179257. A fight between Shelby and Ford will arise.
    • Bring Malangdo Canned Specialties to resolve the fight.
    • Obtain 10 Malang SP Can and give it to Shelby.
    • Malang SP Can can be obtained by doing Malangdo Daily quests.
    • Receive 120.000 Exp and 80.000 Job Exp (Non-VIP)
  9. Obtain 1 Fragment of Darkness, 2 Red Gemstone, 2 Yellow Gemstone, and 2 Blue Gemstone.
    • The Fragment of Darkness can obtained from the various Incarnation of Morroc mobs in the Dimensional Gorge.
  10. Go back to Hiel and hand him over the materials that you have gathered. Talk to him until the room gets dark. After the dialogue, inspect Hiel's Workshop and talk again to Hiel
    • Receive 120.000 Exp and 80.000 Job Exp (Non-VIP)
  11. Revisit Eclage Prison and report to Clever. Talk to him twice and listen to his stories about Eclage.
  12. Read Clever's documents in Monthly Eclage somewhere near the bookshelves located near the east side portal of the Eclage Plaza ecl_in018080. After finding the hidden documents, revisit Clever in the Eclage Prison. Walk past the Guard, and talk to Clever twice.
    • Receive 120.000 Exp and 80.000 Job Exp (Non-VIP)
  13. Head back and talk to Hiel.
  14. Hiel will be able to contact Sir Robert in the past. After the conversation, Sir Robert would like to see the home tree that he had planned to build years ago. Head to the entrance of Eclage Plaza and a dialogue will appear.eclage290299 Sir Robert will see the Home tree but he will start to fade away. Go talk to Hiel afterwards. Hiel will tell you that the connection between the past and present is becoming weak. He will ask you to go to a place where the connection is strong.
    • Receive 120.000 Exp and 80.000 Job Exp (Non-VIP)
  15. Find 10 places across the Flower Blooming Land. A dialogue will appear. If you hit the wrong spot, it will tell you that it is not related to Etran. If you hit the right spot, it will tell you that the machine is activated. (Note: it seems that you can skip this step)
    • Maybe skip confirmed, i couldn't connect with etran by talking to his tome then found only one spot at ecl_fild01227204 and then while i wasn't talk to etran tome but walk pass behind his tome the quest move on to next step.2017/3/26
  16. Inspect Etran's Tomb inside the 1st Floor of Bitfrost Tower. You will be able to talk to Etran. Exit the tower and as soon as you leave the tower a dialogue will appear. Etran will give you an Old Left Laphine. Go back to Hiel afterwards.
  17. Talk to and after the conversation use the Hiel's Workshop. Talk to Hiel again then use the Hiel's Workshop and obtain Golden Leaf from Sir Robert.
  18. Head back to Etran's Tomb and hand him the Old Left Laphine and Golden Leaf. Obtain Ettlang Keepsake. Talk to Hiel. Go and see Clever and tell him what happened.
Hiel can enchant the necklace anytime with the cost of 10 Splendide Coins, see Ettlang Keepsake Enchants.