Muff's Loan Quest

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Muff's Loan Quest
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 7317.png 20 Rusty Screw

1002.png 10 Iron Ore
999.png 5 Steel
723.png 2 Ruby
716.png 5 Red Gemstone

Item(s): 603.png 1 Old Blue Box

608.png 4 Yggdrasil Seed

  1. In Comodo, talk to the man "Muff" northeast of the Kafra at comodo224187. He explains how he borrowed money from someone named Belder in Alberta, and has lost the money to repay it with. He thinks he may have dropped it on a field near town.
    Muff loan muff.png
  2. Go to Comodo Field 1, cmd_fild0155160, and investigate the "Heap of Earth". You pull something out, but unfortunately drop it again.
    Muff loan heap earth.png
    Talk to the Heap again, and you find it's a soggy wallet.
  3. Bring the wallet back to Muff, but the wallet needs to be dried. Muff suggests taking it to a man named Dorian in Izlude, who's invented a "Magic Dryer".
  4. Go to the Izlude Tool Shop izlude146145, and you'll find Dorian next to the Tool Dealer. He explains how his glorious creation works, but unfortunately you fall asleep. Dorian then asks what the theory behind the Dryer's workings is, and you must type in:
    • 3 Centrifuge Wavelength Theory
    • Note: For RO: Transcendence, he is located in the Weapon and Armor shop at izlude113147 near the exit once inside.
    • Note: If you select the wrong answers, he'll push you aside. Just talk to him twice to start the conversation over.
    Muff loan dorian.png
  5. Satisfied with your answer, Dorian explain that, (naturally) the Dryer is in need of repairs, and you must bring some items to fix it.
  6. You have to talk to Dorian again without all of the items, then talk to him again with them. Dorian then explains how to fix the machine.
  7. First, Replace the Engine.
  8. Then, Tighten the Screw until it *Click*s.
  9. Then, Press a Switch
    • Note: For RO: Transcendence, the machine is located near him to the left. Hover your mouse until you see an npc bubble called "Strange Machine."
Machine is Switch to Press
Vibrating Weakly Red
Vibrating a Bit More Strongly Blue
Vibrations are a Bit More Stable Yellow
Vibrating Fairly Strongly Green

10.Once you have had to push all 4 Switches, the machine will be fixed.

11.Talk to Dorian again, who says you can now use the machine.

12.Use the machine, and obtain a 7722.png Debt Note.

13.Bring the Note back to Muff in Comodo. He is thankful, and rewards you with 1 603.png Old Blue Box, and 4 608.png Yggdrasil Seed.