Mysterious Robbery

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Mysterious Robbery
Base Level: 120
Zeny: 10,000
Hunting: 30 Petals, 5 Menblatt
Base Experience: 1,500,000
Job Experience: 750,000
Item(s): 2 Splendide Coins, 2 Yggdrasilberries, 1 Yggdrasil Seed, 3 Concentration Potions, 20 Pile Of Acorns

Note: Although not a prerequisite to obtain the quest, You will need access to Eclage through Eclage Entrance Quest, Fairy Wing or a Warp Portal memo.

  1. Walk near the house near the entrance of Eclage eclage15654, a dialog box will appear and the player will be knocked out and wake up inside the house.
  2. He will overhear the residence of the house arguing over a robbery. Offer to help them find the thief. The player decides to ask the family what they know about the robbery.
  3. Speak with Daughter Luen, followed by Father Dames then Mother Rosa and ask them questions about the robbery.
  4. Walk around the center of the room and a dialog box will appear. The player will reflect upon the information he gas gathered and decide to look for evidence.
  5. Observe things around the house until the player discovers clues. Examine Poppy, Messy Bookshelves, Damaged book, Soda can container, A messed up table and then A foreign substance in that order.
  6. Talk to Daughter Luen after collecting all the clues. Luen's boyfriend will arrive but will not be allowed in by Rosa.
  7. Exit the house and go north to find Cruyan eclage164102 and talk to him. He will say that he was out in the field hunting monsters. When asked for a alibi he hands over a Concentration Potion that he says he found in the field.
  8. Go to the Blooming Flower Land (ecl_fild01) and hunt 30 Petals and 5 Menblatt to confirm if Cruyan's alibi is true or not.
  9. Talk to Balumin in Blooming Flower Landecl_fild0198299 and ask him about Cruyan and if Concentration Potions drop from the nearby monsters. He will bring up a wandering merchant in Eclage.
  10. Find the Wandering Merchant in Eclage eclage222131 and play his gambling game for 10,000 zeny. The merchant gives the player 2 Concentration Potions for their loss.
  11. Return to Daughter Luen and tell her the case has been solved. The player will be warped into a room with the other NPCs inside.
  12. Speak to Daughter Luen again and tell her the evidence that has been found. Tell her Cruyan took the necklace "To gain permission to date Luen" and present it to Rosa saying he found the necklace. When he states that he was in the field select "I'm afraid that's not true." then "According to Balumin's statements..." and "Explain without searching".
  13. Talk to Daughter Luen again and leave the room. Inside their house speak to Daughter Luen and receive 1 Splendide Coin, 300,000 Base EXP and 150,000 Job EXP.
  14. Next, speak with Father Dames and receive 1 Yggdrasilberry, 300,000 Base EXP and 150,000 Job EXP.
  15. Talk to Mother Rosa and receive 1 Splendide Coin, 1 Yggdrasilberry, 300,000 Base EXP and 150,000 Job EXP.
  16. Leave the house and return to Cruyan and receive 1 Yggdrasil Seed, 300,000 Base EXP and 150,000 Job EXP.
  17. Return to Balumin and receive 20 Pile Of Acorns, 300,000 Base EXP and 150,000 Job EXP.