Rogue Guild Investigation Quest

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Rogue Guild Investigation Quest
Base Level: N/A
Item(s) (Consumed): 1062.png 1 Jack o' Pumpkin

1060.png 1 Golden Hair
944.png 1 Horseshoe
1038.png 1 Little Evil Horn
1059.png 1 Fabric
511.png 1 Green Herb
970.png 2 Alcohol

Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Mask
Quest Prerequisite(s): Z-Gang Quest
Item(s): 1 Random Level 4 Food, 644.png 1 Gift Box
  1. In central Prontera, talk to the Man from Morroc prontera163204, who says Rogue agents are infiltrating the Kingdom.
    Roug invest man.png
  2. Go to the Rogue guild at the Pharos Lighthouse cmd_fild07193117, and talk to the Rogue Agent on the first floor (355, 28). He says they've been investigating the recent events, so of course you offer to help him.
  3. Talk to him again, and he tells you to find one of the investigators in Al De Baran.
  4. Head to Al De Baran, and go to outside of the Super Novice Guild aldebaran11456, and talk to the Agent there. He says the Z-Gang was spreading rumors about a coming war around town, trying to scare people. He hands you a note and asks you to give to another agent in Geffen.
  5. In Geffen, walk behind the building to the southwest of the central fountain geffen9136. Talk to the agent there, who asks you to bring him back some items from monsters inside the Geffen Tower Dungeon:
  6. Bring him the items, and he thanks you, then tells you to visit the agent in Payon.
  7. In Payon, go to payon20944, and talk to the agent. At first he asks you to collect Red Herbs, but then changes his mind and asks for a Green Herb.
  8. Once you have the Green Herb, talk to the agent again, and he says it'll take awhile for it to work.
  9. Talk to him again, and he asks you for 1 Alcohol.
  10. Bring him the Alcohol, and he thanks you again.
  11. Talk to him again, and he claims he messed up, and needs another Alcohol.
  12. Bring one more Alcohol, and he thanks you again.
  13. Talk to him again, and he gives you a note to give to the agent in Comodo.
  14. In Comodo, talk to the agent at comodo233199. He asks you to bring 2 Masks.
    • Note:You only need to bring 1 Mask, and he doesn't take it from you.
  15. Talk to him again, and he admits he thought you were a new Rogue trainee. He asks you not to tell anyone about what he asked you to do, and sends you to talk to the Morroc agent. He also gives you a random Level 4 Food Item.
  16. In Morroc, talk to the agent by a building at morroc11639. He asks you to report back to the Rogue Guild for him.
  17. Return to the Rogue Guild, and talk to the agent again. He asks why they stirred up so much trouble, and thanks you and rewards you with 644.png 1 Gift Box.