Seal of Sleipnir

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Seal of Sleipnir
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 15 Types of Fish/Water Items (9 of each Type),
Quest Corequisite(s): Stop Metto's Research
Item(s): 80 KVM Badges


This is the first God Items seal quest and is also known as Seal 1. For more information, please see the article God Items Quest.


  • A player can only begin this quest if it is open. This quest is only open after a God Item has been created, and will close after 100 players have completed this quest. After it is closed, players will not be able to do this quest until another God Item has been created. The quest will close even if you are in the progress of completing it. It can be completed where you left off once the quest opens up again.
  • Players must be lvl 70 and above to complete this quest. At least 50 players need to complete this quest before the Seal of Megingjard will become available.
  • You can start with any room you want, but then the order of rooms change. If the NPC doesn't ask you to do something then move to another one of them should interact with you.
  • This quest, as well as other God Items Quests, is repeatable by completing the reset procedure. For more information, please see God Items Quest (Reset)

Quest Begin:

1. Talk to Noyee, resident of Juno yuno164200 to activate the quest .


2. Proceed to the building in Juno at yuno217176.


3. Talk to Cukure, at the counter.


4. Acquire the temporary pass for the laboratory.

5. Enter through the portal at the left of the room.

6. You will find 4 rooms when you enter:

1st room (Near Top Room)

1. Talk to Hallandaute.

2. Complete the Stop Metto's Research quest. If you have already completed this quest, you do not need to do it again, even after resetting your quest status with a reset stone.

3. Talk to Hallandaute repeatedly until he speaks about Sleipnir. This ends the process for this part.

2nd room (Far Bottom Room)

1. Talk to Pavel.

2. Examine the stone tablet near Pavel.

3. Talk to Pavel to learn that the trigger on the stone tablet has to be activated.

4. Examine every word and you will find something strange about it.

5. There will be a keyword in the strange spot of the sentences. Find it and type it in.

6. After you've done so, you'll find the complete content of the stone tablet.

  • You will be prompted to write the key words.
    • 1st Word: 'dirdnl', then press ok.
    • 2nd Word: 'tkaryf', then press ok.
    • 3rd Word: 'ghswka', then press ok.
  • All 3 words must be written without quitting the chat or you must enter them again. Once you're done reading the stone tablet, talk to Pavel.

7. After the conversation ends, Pavel will thank you. This ends this stage of the quest.

3rd room (Near Bottom Room)

1. Talk to Kurdt and you'll be requested to collect materials from 15 types of fish/water element creatures. 9 units are required for each type.

More easily, bring 9 each, of any 15 items in the list below:

Items that work:

Note: Even though the NPC asks for 10 of each type, they take 9.

2. After everything is collected, talk to Kurdt to give the items. This ends the current stage.

4th room (Far Top Room)

1. Talk to Aadin. He will ask for help investigating a story in Payon.

2. Look for Lania (The NPC appears as "Friar") in Payon payon81171) and talk to her. Select "Umm...", then "Sleipnir's Story". Whenever she asks if you want to take a break, tell her to keep going. "Take notes" is also acceptable, but it will make the dialogue longer.


3. Listen to everything Lania says, then return to Aadin.

4. During the conversation, you discover some parts of the story are missing, and you need to find Lania. Repeat the previous procedure to listen to all of the story.

5. Go back to Aadin and choose either option. He will thank the player for gathering all of the story and this will end this part of the quest.

Unlocking the Seal of Sleipnir

After all the quests in the 4 rooms have been solved, return to the counter and talk to Cukure. The player will receive a random equipment and 80 KVM badges.

Possible Equipment