Seal of Megingjard

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Seal of Megingjard
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 7111.png 2 Slick Paper

7151.png 1 Oil Paper
1024.png 3 Squid Ink
916.png 3 Feather of Birds
717.png 20 Blue Gemstone
970.png 2 Alcohol
1041.png 1 Lantern
611.png 1 Magnifier

Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Type of Doll

511.png 1 Green Herb

Base Experience: 3,600,000 -OR- 5,400,000 if VIP
Job Experience: 2,700,000 -OR- 4,050,000 if VIP
Item(s): 603.png 1 Old Blue Box, 40 KVM Badges


This is the second God Items seal quest and is also known as Seal 2. Note that completing Seal 1 is not a requirement for this. For more information, please see the article God Items Quest.


  • A player can only begin this quest if it is open. This quest is only open after 50 or more players has completed the Seal of Sleipnir. The Seal of Megingjard quest will close after 100 players have completed this quest. After it is closed, players will not be able to do this quest until all four seals have closed, another God Item has been created, and 50 or more players have completed the Seal of Sleipnir.
  • Players must be lvl 60 and above to complete this quest. At least 50 players need to complete this quest before the Seal of Brisingamen will become available. After 100 players have completed this quest, it will close, even if you are in progress of that quest. It can be completed where you left off once the quest opens up again.
  • This quest, as well as other God Items Quests, is repeatable by completing the reset procedure. For more information, please see God Items Quest (Reset)


1. Talk to Rebarev Doug in Prontera castle prt_cas180269 (Transcendence in prt_castle44151. Agree to help him, then talk to him again and choose "I am about to leave" until a third option about a "final mission" is mentioned. Choose this option and do not talk to him again.

2. Go to the Library prontera120266 and speak to the Librarian.

  • What kind of files are you looking for?
  • Input: "the 1st squad's final mission"

3. Talk to Librarian Jekan again with 1 Lantern (from Skel Worker) or Magnifier in your inventory.

  • Select in this order:
    • "Let me help you find those files...,"
    • "You have bad eyes?"
    • "No, I don't mind!" to lend him the Lantern.
    • "I want to read some documents."
  • Note: If these steps do not work and the reply is "maybe yes maybe no", try returning to Rebarev Doug in the castle and repeat until the third option is obtained.

4. Search for documents on the wall. In Transcendence, look in the bookcases and keep clicking on an invisible npc called "A File" until you find it. Keep clicking on any of the files until you find "The 3rd Platoon Records".

5. He will ask the player to collect the following so that he can create a copy of the record:

6. He will ask the player to wait for him to create the copy of the record. Keep clicking him until he hands over the records.

7. Talk to the librarian again and select "Record Search."

8. Enter "crusader 3rd_company 3rd_platoon 1st_squad record" as the search keyword. You will receive some information for your search.

9. Go to Geffen Blacksmith Shop at (179,62) geffen_in109161 and talk to Zan Huadoku. Choose option 1 ("1st Squad"), then option 3 ("last mission").


10. Keep talking to this NPC until he speaks about the unknown fragment. After that, talk to him again until he repeats himself.

11. Move to Morroc and talk to the Inn Employee morocc_in146179 in the PvP House in the top right of Morroc morocc272269. then, enter "Donon".


12. Select any of the options until you receive a clue that says "Aragham never hoarded upgrade items."

  • Note: There is a chance you might be killed by this NPC. If this happens, simply return and talk to her again. Alternatively, if you get the text that says she will knock you out, you can log out to avoid death. To do so, press the ESC key before talking to the NPC, or hit Alt+F4 otherwise.

13. Go to Fortress Saint Darmain (South) cmd_fild09106195 and enter the clue the Inn Keeper told you. If you enter the clue correctly, you will be allowed to enter the rogue guild.

Cmd fild09.jpg

14. Find a Suspicious Man at in_rogue24361.

  • Note: You must bring a doll with you before you talk to this NPC. Most dolls are accepted (Exceptions: Munak Doll)

15. THIS STEP IS VERY SENSITIVE SO MAKE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST AND PROCEED SLOWLY OR YOULL HAVE TO BACKTRACK 3 STEPS!!!! Talk to him and select option 2 ("how he's been doing"), then option 1 ("about the Inn Maid"), then option 3 ("1st Squad's final mission").


  • Note When the option "Megingjard" appears, select the "Listen to him quietly" option. This option is actually camouflaged. You must highlight it to obtain it. If you accidentally miss this option you can talk to his sister again (steps 11 and 12) to reset it.
  • Note: Even if you think you've successfully completed step 15, it's possible you made a mistake without knowing it. Be absolutely sure you've completed it correctly, or you won't be able to proceed later on. If you talk to him repeatably and he's sleepy, you can move onto the next step.

16. Go to Alberta and talk to Jack O' at alberta196146. Select option 3 ("1st Squad's final mission"), then option 1 ("Rebarev Doug"). Keep talking to him until you get a message that says he's chewing green herbs.


17. Go to Aldebaran and talk to Emma Searth at aldebaran66213). Please take note that you must bring a Green Herb before you start the conversation with her. Ask her about memories she can remember.


18. Go to Jawaii by talking to SoloHan prt_in17213 (Customer against the wall) at the Prontera Pub prontera205157 (Drink until you're drunk, then select "Sign". Be sure to be at full hp for this.) Married people must pay 100,000 Zeny from the Honeymoon Helper NPC near the Izlude Dock izlude173185. The bar is at jawaii192220.

  • Note: You can't leave the bar if you are not married, and can either bring a butterfly wing or drink until the bartender kills you.

19. Talk to The Nineball a Crusader Officer in Jawaii's bar jawaii_in44110. Repeat talking to him until you can't get any further information from him.

20. Go to Comodo's casino comodo144113 and bring 970.png 2 Alcohol, and go to the NPC called 'Man' cmd_in0219094. He is the former crusader Royal Myst. Select the option "Ask him about Rebarev Doug" first. Then, select the option "Discuss hobbies" and repeat this twice, using all of the Alcohol.


Note: If this NPC doesn't interact, talk to the Geffen Crusader Zan Huadoku geffen_in109161 again to fix it. Sometimes the quest messes up, but it can be fixed.

21. Talk to him again and choose "talk about gambling."

22. Go and find Rebarev Doug prt_castle180269. You must select the option "Act Unsuspicious."

23. Move to Nifflheim niflheim109254 and find Egnigem. Select the last option ("I've heard enough").

  • Note: You do not have to listen to his story.

24. Go back to the Prontera castle and finish the conversation with Rebarev Doug prt_castle180269, then talk to Max Von Shedough at prt_castle241100 until getting a message about documentation. THIS IS THE 'FINAL' NPC. The completion count for the second seal will increase by 1 after you speak to the Judge, Max Von Shedough. The final 3 steps can be delayed indefinitely but the KVM badges reward is from the last NPC.

(Below is optional, but recommended for EXP and items.)

25. Return to Egnigem and talk to him. He will convert his life force to some experience points for you.

  • Obtain 4×300,000 Base Experience (4×450,000 if VIP) and 3×300,000 Job Experience (3×450,000 if VIP).

26. Return to Aldebaran and find Emma Searth. Talk to her and you can receive an Old Blue Box and some experience.

  • Obtain 4×300,000 Base Experience (4×450,000 if VIP) and 3×300,000 Job Experience (3×450,000 if VIP).
  • Added for iRO, those that have previously completed this seal can still get this final step.

27. Speak to Max Von Shedough in Prontera Castle once more for additional Exp reward and 40 KVM badges.

  • Obtain 4×300,000 Base Experience (4×450,000 if VIP) and 3×300,000 Job Experience (3×450,000 if VIP).

(Non-iRO servers give a different EXP reward that scales by player level.)