Seal of Brisingamen

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Seal of Brisingamen
Base Level: 70
Base Experience: 900,000 -OR- 1,350,000 if VIP
Job Experience: 600,000 -OR- 900,000 if VIP
Item(s): Old Card Album, 40 KVM Badges


This is the third God Items seal quest and is also known as Seal 3. Note that completing either Seal 1 or Seal 2 is not a requirement for this. For more information, please see the article God Items Quest.


  • A player can only begin this quest if it is open. This quest is only open after 50 or more players has completed the Seal of Megingjard. The Seal of Brisingamen quest will close after 100 players have completed this quest, it will close, even if you are in progress of that quest. After it is closed, players will not be able to do this quest until all four seals have closed, another God Item has been created, and 50 or more players have completed the Seal of Megingjard. It can be completed where you left off once the quest opens up again.
  • Players must be lvl 70 and above to complete this quest. At least 50 players need to complete this quest before the Seal of Mjolnir will become available.
  • Important: At step 10, do not talk to the Library guard at all. Doing so will reset the player back to step 5. Just talk to the bookshelf until the guard will not let you, then continue on.
  • This quest, as well as other God Items Quests, is repeatable by completing the reset procedure. For more information, please see God Items Quest (Reset)


1. Go to the South of Prontera and Talk to Nelliorde prt_fild08175372. Select "Wee I want to hear!," then select "Sure! Sounds good."


2. Go to Juno and talk to Enrico Kaili in Juno yuno95184, yuno_in0447113. Then select "I can do that!"

Enrico Kaili.jpg

3. Go to the Prontera Church prt_church112105 and talk to Hermite Charles. Select "Give him Kaili's Letter."

Hermite.jpg Hermit GiveLetter.jpg

4. Hermite Charles will offer to tell you a story. Choose "Sure." After he's finished the story, he will ask you to find Lowen. Choose "When was the last time you saw her?"

Hermite Sure.jpgHermit When.jpg

5. You have two options. Choose one of the following:

5a. (Recommended) At the back of Prontera Church you will find Rosa Ellenen prontera258352. She will tell you that Lowen is dead.


5b. Talk to the librarian at Prontera Castle prt_castle8451 (prt_cas37375 on renewal). If your character is male, select "Lowen, Spouse." If your character is female, select "Lowen, Sibling."

6. Return to the church and tell Hermite Charles prt_church112105 about Lowen.

7. Go to Geffen Dungeon (gef_dun0191192 91, 192) or (gef_dun0120348 and click the tree there. Then select "What are you talking about?"

GeffenDun Tree1.jpgGeffenDun Tree2.jpgLowen WhatR.jpg

8. The tree will continue to speak to you. Ask her "What are you?!" and she will tell you she is Lowen.

Lowen WhatRU.jpg

9. Find Rosa again and talk to her prontera258352.

  • In case you missed it before, do not talk to the Library guard at all in this next step.

10. Go to the Prontera Castle prt_castle8052 (prt_cas37276 on renewal) and click on "Crusader Personnel Records." While you are reading, the librarian might chase you away from there. Return there and search until there is no further information to acquire. It may take multiple tries when you're trying to read the "mark" part of the dialog. If the Library Guard talks once you click on the records on the bookshelf (on the table in renewal), you have all the needed information. If you're still trying to look for information while you click on the bookshelf and the guard teleports you, then you do not have all the information.


11. Move to Geffen Dungeon gef_dun0120348 and summon Lowen again by entering the keyword "Lowen". Now, she will tell you a story and your background will change.

GeffenDun Tree2.jpg

12. In this new background, Lowen Ellenen will materialize. Create or join a party (even if you're doing the quest by yourself). Talk to Lowen and listen to her story until the end. Select "You still have something to do." Then select "I can help you!"

Lowen Ellenen.jpg

13. Move next to the soldier behind Lowen. The soldier will transfer you and your party to a lower level.

  • Note: If the soldier is located at (55, 64) and tells you to back away, then someone else is doing the next step and you must wait for them to finish. If the soldier is at (54, 64) and refuses to let you in, then you did something wrong.
  • Note: Standing still or sitting will not trigger the npc. You have to keep walking past the soldier in order to be teleported.
  • Note: If the seal is released/closed while you are in this map, you can still continue the quest. After that, once the seal appears/opens again, you can continue onto step 18.

14. After you descend the ladder, you find Lowen preparing for a battle.

15. It seems that this is the Lowen of the past and she is preparing for an important battle. Talk to her and convince her to accept this test. Her spirit will possess you to relive this past experience.

16. To pass this test, you need to eliminate all the monsters you see. There will be 4 Mummies, 2 Ghouls, and 3 Zombies.

17. After you've completed the test and come to a dead end, a Valkyrie will appear. Talk to her and select "Yes, I will follow you." Lowen's soul will be sent to heaven, and you will be returned to Geffen.

18. Now, talk to Hermite Charles prt_church112105.

19. Talk to Enrico Kaili yuno_in0447113. Select "What is it this time?"

20. Proceed to Lutie xmas37107 and click on the dialogue target nearby. Select "Sweep the snow away with your hands," and then "Adjust the puzzle."


21. Arrange the writing in order of:

  • The beauty of the stars
  • Wanes in comparison
  • We lost our hearts
  • To that golden hair
  • And those dazzling eyes
  • Note: You can skip this step if Alfrik has already been summoned. Remember that you have to talk to him twice.

22. After you've arranged the writing correctly, Alfrik will appear. Talk to him and select "It was a Valkyrie." After that, he will ask you to wake up his brother Dvalin.

23. He will disappear after you have finished the conversation. Wake him up again and ask him for the location of Dvalin.

  • Note: You can stop Alfrik from disappearing--and thus avoid having to summon him again--by either logging out, using a butterfly wing, or teleporting instead of clicking on the Close button.

24. Search for the location mentioned prt_fild02183267 and click the Dialogue target nearby and choose the option "Scratch the surface." In order to summon Dvalin, follow this sequence:

  • Her lovely scent
  • Still lingers in the wind
  • We surrendered our hearts
  • To those tender teardrops
  • Those seductive red lips
  • Note: You can skip this step if Dvalin has already been summoned. You just need to talk to him once.

25. Dvalin will appear after being summoned. Select "Alfrik sent me to wake you up!" and he will tell you to wake up his brother Berling and the location he fell asleep at.

  • Note: You can stop Dvalin from disappearing by either logging out, using a butterfly wing, or teleporting instead of clicking on the Close button.

26. Go to Mt.Mjolnir mjolnir_0985129. Someone there will ask you a question and the answer is 42!

  • Note: You can skip this step if Berling has already been summoned. You just need to talk to him once.

27. Berling will appear after you've given him the correct answer. Talk to him and select "Dvalin wants you to wake up!" He will tell you the location of Grer. He will also give some clues in blue colour, you must remember the clues given.

  • Note: You can stop Berling from disappearing by either logging out, using a butterfly wing, or teleporting instead of clicking on the Close button.

28. Go to the Coal Mines mjolnir_0279363 and go into the dungeon. Step next to a hole mjo_dun0212637 to trigger the npc, and you will be prompted with a message. Select "I am sent by Berling," and he will ask you to prove it.

Grer 0.jpg

29. Walk away from the hole to allow others to complete step 28. You do not need to be next to the hole to continue.

30. Click on the hole again. You will be asked to enter the clues just as Berling told you manually:

  • No jewel in the world can compare.
  • Our masterpiece made from love.
  • She wanted the dazzling necklace.
  • We wanted the goddess of beauty.
  • Our happiest times were with her.
  • Note: The periods at the end of each sentence are required.

31. Grer will appear and you must finish the conversation with him.

32. After you have finished the conversation with all the NPCs, talk to Enrico Kaili yuno_in0447113. Choose the option "I suppose you're right."

33. Return to Lutie and wake up Alfrik xmas37107. Ask him about the materials required for Brisingamen. Again, the selection to make him appear is the following:

  • The beauty of the stars
  • Wanes in comparison
  • We lost our hearts
  • To that golden hair
  • And those dazzling eyes

34. Return to find Enrico yuno_in0447113. You will receive an Old Card Album, 3×300,000 Base Experience and 3×200,000 Job Experience or 3×450,000 Base Experience and 3×300,000 Job Experience if you are VIP. (Players on servers other than iRO will receive a random card instead of an Old Card Album.)