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SimpleROHook is a third party program created to extend the functionality of the game's client. Created as a spiritual successor to the defunct RCX add-on, SRH offers a handful of the same features from the defunct program.


Feature Preview Description
M2E Displays colored cells of most ground AoEs in game.
Some skills may incorrectly show up as a single cell, such as most Third Class skills.
The color of skills can be edited through the config.ini.
BBE Shows the Bowling Bash "gutter line" grid locations on screen.
The area's within the grid lines will prevent Bowling Bash from working correctly.
Dead Cells Highlights the cells that players are unable to walk on.
Chat Scope Shows the radius of how far your character is able to see other players talking in game.
Cast Range Displays a radius of how far you can cast skills.
While it's not completely accurate, it is still useful as a reference point.
Show FPS Displays your client's amount of frames per second.
44Khz Audio Boosts the client's audio bitrate to 44Khz, improving the quality of music and sound effects in the game.
Fix Window Mode Vsync Improves the Window Vsync implemented within DirectX7, and prevents screen tears from appearing.
May reduce frames per second if your FPS is not stable.
CPU Cooler Reduces the CPU usage the client uses while trying to preserve the client's performance
In most cases it will reduce your frames per second. It's not recommended to use while actively playing.
Chainload This allows for both SRH and dinput.dll mods to hook into the client properly together.
Recommended to always keep this enabled.


  • If colored cells appear to be clipping through the ground, adjust the Ground Z Bias value under 3D Map Grid.
  • The transparency of colored cells can be adjusted with Alpha Level slider under 3D Map Grid.


The third party program is legal to use on all current International Ragnarok Online Servers <ref></ref>. Players will not receive punishment from the GM Team for using the program. With that said, the GM Team does not support usage of the software, and can not help players with any issues regarding the use of the program.

For players who are on non-iRO servers, the legal status of SimpleROHook may differ. It is recommended to always check with the rules or staff's stances before using the add-on.


  • The most up to date compiled version of SimpleROHook can be found on Github and is maintained by DrDaxxy.
    • The original branch, now outdated, can also be found on Github and was created by Redcat.



Questions and support, and bug reports for SimpleROHook use on iRO is offered on the iRO Wiki Discord in the #addon-support channel. Non-iRO servers have limited, if not no support from the Discord server. This is because the program is either a gray area, or flat out illegal to use on non-iRO official servers.