Trick or Treat Halloween Celebration (2009/10/20) ~ (2009/11/03)

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Trick or Treat Halloween Celebration (2009/10/20) ~ (2009/11/03)
Base Level: 45
Item(s) (Consumed): 20 Jack o' Pumpkins
Item(s): Weird Pumpkin Hat
Event Notice

Reactivated as of 10/28/2015

Pumpkin Hat

The Pumpkin Hat Researcher in Prontera at (152, 192) will make a Weird Pumpkin Hat for you if you bring him 20 Jack o' Pumpkins.


1. Walk near any of the following locations in Prontera until a voice asks you if you want a trick or treat:

  • (270, 350) (in the graveyard)
  • (234, 310) (in front of the church)
  • (156, 321) (by the northern Kafra employee)
  • (156, 283) (by the handshake monument)
  • (142, 214) (by the north-west side of the fountain)
  • (151, 173)
  • (134, 125)
  • (220, 72)

Note: Walking near any of the above locations will reveal the trick-or-treater at (151, 173), which allows other people to talk with him. Waiting near this location is the easiest way to begin the conversation.

Note: This list is currently incomplete.

2. Ask for a treat, then give the trick-or-treater one of any of the following items:

The trick-or-treater bestows you with a bonus of 5 points to all of your stats and 15 points to your flee, which lasts for 30 minutes.

Monster summoning

Talk with the Halloween Wizard, who can be found in the following locations:

  • Prontera (156, 195) (by the fountain)
  • Geffen (133, 122) (by the east side of Geffen Tower)
  • Payon (156, 196) (north of the armory)
  • Alberta (96, 57) (west of the center Kafra employee)
  • Aldebaran (146, 122) (by the center Kafra employee)

He offers to play a trick on someone for you by summoning monsters in another town if you bring him any of the following items:

You can only summon one monster per item, up to a maximum of 100 monsters at a time.


  • Weird Pumpkin Hats add 5 DEF, 5 MDEF, and have a low chance to cause monsters to drop Pumpkin Pie.
  • Jack o' Pumpkins can be purchased from the Nifflheim tool shop.
  • Halloween Whispers and Halloween Dark Lords are passive and drop trick Gift Boxes. Halloween Whispers also drop Worn Fabric.
  • The trick Gift Boxes either contain low-value items or cause random effects when opened.