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I feel we should be a team! - Mosu

Because I feel I should say, when you edited the Thor Volcano page (July 17th, 2015), I DO know how to do the number format. However, sometimes it is hard to make everything look good. It's also just a lot of extra work while I'm editing. I'd rather edit the content first, so that the minor changes can be added in later.

You're my hero. 9/6/2015 - Mosu

Who updates the database with the items? :O 7/21/2016 - Mosu (talk) P.S. How do you do the screenshot format? I know I've asked you before. 7/29/2016 - Mosu

Lol, I know how to take a screenshot, but how do YOU do the nice rounded rectangle? Like the first two here: Biolabs Entrance Quest

Could you add 2017 st.patrick day quest guide link from iro froum to main page? Sorry create a new page is time-consumed Thanks you --Sunnydoll (talk) 01:19, 24 March 2017 (UTC)

Activity check!

Are you still around? --Blueness (talk) 04:37, 18 June 2019 (UTC)